[Transcript of handwritten statement]


On 4-7-97 this officer interviewed Patrick Roy Pardee at the Guilford County Sheriff’s Department in reference to a homicide.  He related the following.


In mid to late February of this year I was over at Lyles Building Supply on Lee St. helping Ted Kimble unload the box truck.  It might have been after we had gone to a construction site to get building supplies.  I think we were unloading lumber.  Ted had been acting weird for the past several months and he looked like something was bothering him.


I asked him what was wrong and he said something like “hey – this is between you and me.”  Ted said that the thought that law enforcement was closing in on him.  He said that he had gotten a part time job at Precision Fabrics so that he would have an alibi.  I asked him “An alibi for what?”


He answered “for Patricia’s death.”


I asked him if he killed Patricia and he said, “No, Ronnie did it.”


I know that Ronnie is his brother in the Marines.  Ted told me that Ronnie went to their house and shot Patricia and then poured gas on the body.  I was shocked when he told me this because all along he had always said that he knew nothing about her death and I always wanted to believe him.  He is a manipulator and had me believing in him.


It was either at this time or a few days [bottom line is unreadable]



about this that he would either kill me or get rid of me.  I believed him.


I think it was Wednesday night, Rhonda Stanfield called me to ask how I was.  She said that she had been to see Ted and that Ted wanted to see me.  I told her I thought that I was not on his visiting list and she said I was.  I decided that it might be better if I didn’t go to visit Ted.


The above statement is true and accurate to the best of my ability and the above described incidents.


Patrick Pardee 4/7/97

Det. Sgt. J. S. Jacobs #65  4:59P



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