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In addition to what I have told Sgt. Jacobs today I would like to add something.  About four months after Patricias death I was with Ted and we were talking about one thing or


SIGNED:  /Patrick Pardee/   DATE:  April 7, 1997  TIME:  1708 HRS.

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CASE 951009027


the other and Ted mentioned that he would like to have his pistol back from the Sheriff.  I asked Ted if it was his Glock .45 cal. And, he, (Ted) said “yes.”  I then asked Ted if his pistol was the pistol that killed Patricia and Ted said “Yes.”  I didn’t think much about Ted telling me this at the time but since then I recalled Ted me that he “wished that he had waited until the insurance on Patricia was in force before he did it.”  Ted also told me that he would like to kill Det. Church because Det. Church was standing between him and the insurance money from Patricias death.  About six months after Patricias death I remember Ted telling me that he had went and looked at a Z-28 Chevrolet Camaro and wanted one, but he never bought one.  Ted also told me that this that he talked his girlfriend Ronda Stanfil into buying a Z-28 Camaro.  He said Ronda wanted a newer car and he talked her into buying the Z-28 because he liked it and could drive it.


Since Ted told me that Ronnie killed Patricia and that he had gotten a job at Precision Fabrics


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CASE 951009027


for an alibi I have been very concerned for the safety of me and my family.


Ted told me that he would either kill me or get rid of me.  I believed Ted and have been slowly trying to get away from Ted since he told me this.  Ted is a very intimidating person.  The way he would look at me, he would stare right through.  There was times that I would be in his office and I felt like Ted wanted me to see him get his pistol out of his desk and put it in his pants.


I also knew about the books about Ted was ordering.  He had a folder with the books listed and had highlighted in different colors the books he wanted.  I saw he book and video on how to assume a new identity.  Ted said his lawyer told him he would never live a normal life around here, so he needed to change his ID.  I also saw the book he had on making a bomb and Ted said he was just curious as how to make one.  What I have told you is true and I’m telling you this because I think Ted should get whats coming to him for Patricias death.


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