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Melanie Williams Oxendine, Witness for the Defendant's Rebuttal


THE COURT: I'm very pleased to have the jury panel back. I hope everyone had a nice evening and feeling okay. Anyone on the panel experiencing any problems today? I know about your conflict, Ms. Sidwell, and we're going to get you out of here. Anyone else have any conflicts this morning or any problems?

The State at this time, any additional rebuttal evidence?

MR. PANOSH: No, Your Honor.


THE COURT: Any rebuttal evidence for the defendant?

MR. HATFIELD: Yes, sir. One witness.

Melanie Oxendine, please.

THE COURT: Come around, please, ma'am.

MELANIE WILLIAMS OXENDINE, being first duly sworn, testified as follows during DIRECT EXAMINATION by MR. HATFIELD:

Q    Will you state your name, please.

A    Melanie Williams Oxendine.

Q    Where do you live, ma'am?

A    6401 Nazarene Church Road, Pleasant Garden.

Q    Now, I see you have some papers up here. You didn't bring those with you to testify, did you?

A    No.

Q    Would you just close those -‑

A    Yeah.

Q    -- and put them aside. Ms. Oxendine, where do you work?

A    Chili's restaurant.

Q    How long have you worked there?

A    Five years.

Q    Do you know Ted Kimble?

A    Yes, I do.

Q    Do you know Patrick Pardee?

A    Yes, I do.


Q    Would you briefly tell the jury how it is that you know Ted Kimble.

A    I've known Ted Kimble for 14 years.

Q    And in the early days of your acquaintanceship with him, tell the jury what happened.

A    When I was younger, do you mean?

Q    Yes, ma'am.

MR. PANOSH: We'd object. It's not surrebuttal.

MR. HATFIELD: Just want to show the connection. I'm getting right to Patrick Pardee. It's -‑

THE COURT: Overruled.

A    We dated from, I was 12 to 15.

Q    Nothing serious?

A    No.

Q    Just a childhood friendship?

A    Yes.

Q    What church are you a member of?

A    Monnett Road Baptist Church.

Q    Now, throughout the subsequent years, did you remain an acquaintance of Ted Kimble's?

A    Acquaintance, yes.

Q    That's all?

A    That's all.

Q    Now, did there come a time that you became aware that Ted Kimble had married a woman named Patricia? Did you know


anything about that marriage?

A    I know they got married, yeah.

Q    Did you know her?

A    No.

Q    Did you hear about the death of Ted's wife?

A    Yeah.

Q    And at any time after her death and prior to his arrest in April of 1997, did Ted Kimble discuss anything with you about his wife's death?

A    No.

Q    Shortly before he was arrested in April of 1997, did you have some encounters with Ted Kimble?

A    Yes.

Q    Will you briefly tell the jury what that was.

A    Him and Patrick Pardee come and saw me on December 24, 1996. They were out Christmas shopping. They wanted to buy some gift certificates. That's when I met Patrick Pardee.

Q    Now, you remember it was the 24th, because you sold them gift certificates -‑

A    It was Christmas Eve.

Q    -- to give to their friends? And these were gift certificates for your place of employment?

A    Correct.

Q    And that is Chili's?

A    Correct.


Q    Now, after that, did you get to know Patrick Pardee?

A    Yes. He come in several times with business acquaintances, and he come in with Ted Kimble a lot to eat.

Q    Did you go out with Ted on a casual basis shortly before he was arrested?

A    Twice.

Q    Okay. Tell the jury about that, please.

A    Once we went with Patrick Pardee to the lake for the day. We come back. And one time he took me to dinner with my daughter.

Q    Was there any romantic involvement?

A    No, not -- no.

Q    Now, after Ted was arrested in April of 1997, did you speak to Patrick Pardee?

A    Yes.

Q    Tell the jury the circumstances of that, please.

A    It was two days after Ted got arrested, he come into Chili's. He was pale. He come up to the bar, and I said, "How are you?" He said, "I'm not doing too good." He said, "I feel like I've lost 10 pounds within a week." I said, "Well, what's wrong?" And he said, "Well, I was in Charlotte, and two investigators come and woke me up 3:00 or 3:30 in the middle of the night, to take me back to Greensboro, because they wanted to investigate and ask me questions." And he said, "They wanted to know everything I


knew about Ted and this homicide. I told them that I didn't know anything, that if I knew anything, I would have not have hung around him, I wouldn't have went to Gatlinburg with him, I wouldn't have been his friend for the last year and a half."

Q    So in essence, Patrick Pardee told you that he knew nothing of any involvement that Ted may have had in the death of Patricia; is that right?

A    Exactly.

Q    Did he say anything more about that?

A    He said that he had a career to get into, and that this kind of stuff upset that, that he needed to go on. He said -- what else did he say? That's about it.

Q    Did he tell you anything about what he was being investigated for?

A    He was being investigated for the breaking and entering.

Q    Now, prior to his telling you that, had you had any idea that he was involved in activity like that?

A    No.

Q    And what did you say to him about that?

A    I said, "How could you do something so stupid like that?"

Q    Did he give you any explanation?

A    He said -- he raised his hand and said, "I'm not saying


anything to incriminate myself."

MR. HATFIELD: Thank you.

No further questions.


Q    Now, in addition to dating Theodore Kimble those last few weeks before he was arrested, did you have any further contact?

A    Now, do you mean?

Q    Yes.

A    I see him every week. I go with his parents to see him every week.

Q    So, since April of 1997, you've been visiting him on a weekly basis; is that correct?

A    Prior -- except for the two weeks after he was arrested, yes.

Q    And that's strictly friendship?

A    Friendship only.

Q    At the time that Patrick made these statements that you've testified to, he was aware that you were seeing Ted?

A    I wasn't seeing him. We went out twice. I wasn't dating him.

Q    Was the two times that you went out with him just prior to your conversation with Patrick?

A    Yes.

Q    And when was the first time you reported this


information to law-enforcement officers?

A    When was the first time -- say that again.

Q    When was the first time you reported this information to law-enforcement officers?

A    To law enforcement? All I talked to was lawyers.

Q    Did there come a time when you determined that it was important enough to tell the police department or the sheriff's department about the information you had?

A    I felt that he gave me the information I wanted to know. He said he knew nothing about it.

Q    And did you report that to the officers?

A    No. I didn't know he had anything to do with this case, until he showed up.

Q    You were unaware that Patrick Pardee was involved in this case until this trial; is that what you indicated?

A    Exactly.

MR. PANOSH: No further.


Q Now, since your conversations with Patrick Pardee in April of 1997, have you continued to see him from time to time?

A    Patrick Pardee?

Q    Yes.

A    No. He will not come in the restaurant anymore.

Q    So he knows where -- you have been working there


continuously since long before any of these events took place?

A    Correct.

Q    And he met you in connection with your employment in the restaurant?

A    Correct.

Q    And since you had this one conversation with him, where he told you he knew nothing about Patricia's death, he just has steered clear of your restaurant?

MR. PANOSH: Objection. Leading his own witness.

THE COURT: Sustained.

Q    Is it your testimony that you have not seen him again, after all -‑

A    I have not seen him again or talked to him.

Q    Now, you knew that Ted Kimble was charged with murder, didn't you?

A    Yes, I did.

Q    Did you have any idea that Patrick Pardee was a material witness for -‑

MR. PANOSH: Objection to -‑

Q    -- the State -‑

MR. PANOSH: -- leading his own witness.

THE COURT: Sustained.

Q    Did you know that Patrick Pardee was a potential witness?


A    No.

Q    Did Mr.'s Church and Pendergrass ever come to see you?

A    No.

Q    Did you have any idea before this trial proceeded that you had any evidence that might have a bearing on this case?

A    No.

Q    Well, now, you understand that Ted Kimble's not on trial?

MR. PANOSH: We object to leading, please.

THE COURT: Sustained.

Q    Who's on trial here?

A    Ronnie Kimble.

MR. PANOSH: Objection.

Q    Is Ted Kimble on trial?

A    No.

MR. HATFIELD: No further questions.

MR. PANOSH: No further.

THE COURT: You may step down.

MR. HATFIELD: That's all we have. Thank you very much.

THE COURT: Any evidence for the State?

MR. PANOSH: No, Your Honor.

(The witness left the witness stand.)



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