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Exhibits, Guilt Phase

4State Exhibits

4Defense Exhibits


State Exhibits

Note:  Not a complete list

115.  Agreement, State of North Carolina v. Robert H. Nicholes, Defendant (PDF)

121.  Statement, Robert H. Nicholes, April 18, 1997 (PDF)

122.  Statement, Robert H. Nicholes, May 9, 1997 (PDF)

123.  Statement, Robert H. Nicholes, May 12, 1997 (PDF)

150.  Same as Defense No. 24:  Statement, Jeff Clark 9-24-97 (PDF)


Defense Exhibits

1.  Statement of PFC Dziadaszek (PDF)

2.  Memorandum (PDF)

3.  Comments by Det. Church on Ronnie Kimble (PDF)

4.  Interview of Det. Church (PDF)

5.  Rights Form (PDF)

6.  Phone record of James & Judy Stump (PDF)

7.  Diagram same as State's Exhibit No. 119

8.  Report of Det. Church (PDF)

9.  Request for Examination of Evidence (PDF)

10. Report by Det. Church (PDF)

11. Handwritten statement of Mrs. Whidden (PDF)

12. Check written to Winn Dixie

13. Calendar/Diary of Sherry Wilson

14. Copy of calendar of Sherry Wilson

15. Receipt from Atlantic MH Supply

16. Naval Medical Ctr Report

17. Report of Medical exam 2 pgs

18. Naval Medical Ctr Report (PDF)

19. Final Report of Sleep disorder (PDF)

20. Reward poster/flyer

21. Dept. of Navy letter to R. Kimble (PDF)

22. Interview of Ms. Shepard by Det. Church (PDF)

23. Affidavit of Rodney Woodberry 2 pgs (PDF)

24. Statement, Jeff Clark 9-24-97 (PDF)

[25.] Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty (PDF)





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