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Wanda Jean Mize, Witness for the State


MR. PANOSH: Ms. Mize, please. Ms. Wanda Mize, please come up.

WANDA JEAN MIZE, being first duly sworn, testified as follows during DIRECT EXAMINATION by MR. PANOSH:

Q    Would you state your name, please.

A    Wanda Jean Mize.

Q    Ms. Mize, where do you work?

A    I work for Life of Georgia and for Southland Life.

Q    And your position with Life of Georgia is?

A    I'm a senior claims examiner in the individual life claims department.

Q    And are part of your duties to handle telephone inquiries by individuals who are customers of those two insurance companies?

A    Yes, sir.

Q    On or about May the 7th of 1996, did you receive a telephone conversation from Mr. Theodore Kimble?

A    Yes, I did.

Q    Would you relate that to the jury, please.

MR. LLOYD: Object, Your Honor.


THE COURT: Overruled.

Q    Tell the jury what you remember.

A    Just that the phone call, the basis was to check the status of the claim, and to tell us that he was now cleared as a suspect, and that we should go ahead and process the claim at that point.

Q    And the claim referred to the $100,000 insurance that Mr. Hendrix just previously testified to?

A    Yes, sir.

Q    What action did you take?

A    At that point, told him that we would have to verify that with the sheriff's department in Guilford County.

Q    And what action did you take, please?

A    Then I turned around and called the investigator that I had talked to before, and left him a voice mail message to call me back and let me know where the investigation stood.

Q    And did he eventually call you back?

A    Yes, he did.

Q    As a result of the information received, did you pay the claims?

A    No, sir.

MR. PANOSH: No further questions.

MR. LLOYD: No questions, Your Honor.

THE COURT: Step down, ma'am.

MR. PANOSH: Your Honor, we'd ask that Ms. Mize


and Mr. Hendrix be excused, so they can return to their duties.

THE COURT: Any objection?

MR. LLOYD: No objection, Your Honor.

THE COURT: You may be excused.

(The witness left the witness stand.)



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