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Pat Crutchfield, Witness for the Defendant


MR. LLOYD: Defendant would call Pat Crutchfield

to the stand.


(Whereupon, the witness was first duly sworn.) PAT CRUTCHFIELD, being first duly sworn, was examined and testified as follows during DIRECT EXAMINATION by MR. LLOYD:

Q.    Ms. Crutchfield, if you could state your name for the record, please, ma'am.

A.    Pat Crutchfield. I'm from Liberty, North Carolina.

Q.    And where do you work, Ms. Crutchfield?

A.    I'm retired from Lorillard. And I'm a housekeeper now.

Q.    All right. And how is it that you know Ronnie Kimble?

A.    Well, we run a business.

Q.    When you say "we," who do you mean, Ms. Crutchfield?

A.    My husband and I and our children. Family-operated.

Q.    What kind of business is it?

A.    It's a salvage yard and restoring vehicles.

Q.    And directing your attention to my original question, how is it that you know Ronnie Kimble?

A.    Well, I was shopping around for a church and someone invited me to Monnett Church. And I started going up there. And we joined the church up there. And


I come to know Ronnie in 1986, by going to that church.

Q.    About how old was Ronnie at that time?

A.    Around 14.

Q.    All right. And did you have a chance to observe Ronnie's character at that time?

A.    Yes, sir. He was very honest. He's a hard worker. You could depend on him. And he -- at church, he was good with the children. The youth.

Q.    All right. Now, did he work for you and your husband at the business you've talked about?

A.    Yes, he did. He worked part-time. He would mow yards. And then when he'd get slack with mowing yards, he would come there and work part-time for us.

Q.    Okay. And did there come a time, Ms. Crutchfield, when you and your husband helped him with the purchase of any vehicles?

A.    Yes. He purchased two vehicles, and my husband and he were taking care of that. My husband can tell you more about that. But my husband did sell him two vehicles and they bargained that out.

Q.    And how was the payment arrangement made on those vehicles?

A.    I don't know exactly, but I think that he worked some of it out. Worked a loan and worked the payments out.


MR. LLOYD: That's all I have, Your Honor.

THE COURT: Mr. Panosh?


Q.    What age did you know Ronnie Kimble?

A.    Around 14.

Q.    And how long did that acquaintanceship last?

A.    Up until now.

Q.    I take it he worked with you or for you until he went in the Marine Corps?

A.    Off and on, he worked for us -- he'd come down there and do part-time work off and on.

Q.    Before or after the Marine Corps, ma'am?

A.    Before the Marine Corps.

Q.    Do you know a Ted Kimble?

A.    I know him through church.

Q.    And do you have an opinion about him too?
MR. LLOYD: Objection, Your Honor.

THE COURT: Sustained.

MR. LLOYD: Thank you, Your Honor.

MR. PANOSH: No further questions. Thank you.

THE COURT: Step down, ma'am. Watch your step.



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