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Louise Kirkman, Witness for the Defendant


MR. LLOYD: Mrs. Louise Kirkman, please.

(Whereupon, the witness was first duly sworn.) LOUISE KIRKMAN, being first duly sworn, was examined and testified as follows during DIRECT EXAMINATION by MR. LLOYD:

Q.    Mrs. Kirkman, would you state your name for the record, please, ma'am.

A.    Louise Kirkman.

Q.    All right. And how are you employed, Mrs. Kirkman?

A.    I work part-time for Harris Corporation. Retired from AT&T.

Q.    And how do you know Ronnie Kimble?

A.    Through church.

Q.    Okay. How long have you known him?

A.    About eight years.

Q.    And what was the nature of your relationship with Ronnie Kimble?

A.    We just become real good friends. He'd always come over and help me mow the yard. I love him like a son. He was always so nice to me. Sweet. We would talk. I just love him.

Q.    Now, did you -- did there come a time


afterwards -- after Ronnie -- well, let me ask you this, Mrs. Kirkman: After Ronnie was arrested, did you continue to hear from him?

A.    Always. I write him once or twice a week. And he writes me and calls me all the time.

Q.    Okay. And when he calls you from the jail, what did you talk about? Just -- without saying what you said, just generally speaking?

A.    Just asked him how he was doing. And we'd laugh. And I'd send him little jokes sometimes in the letters and he would laugh about that and tell me he was glad to get them. He was always glad to hear from me.

Q.    If you had to choose adjectives to describe the Ronnie Kimble that you knew, Mrs. Kirkman, what would you say?

A.    He's a very sweet person. He's thoughtful.  He was always so considerate of me. And always offered to help me. And he just thought of me as another mother. And that's the way I looked at him -- as a son.

He'd see me out and he'd stop and see what was wrong with me. He didn't know. I'd know some people up the road and he'd stop and check on me and see if I was all right. He just couldn't be beat. Just like my son.

MR. LLOYD: That's all I have, Your Honor.

THE COURT: Mr. Panosh?



Q.    Do you know Patricia Kimble?

A.    No, I don't.

Q.    Do you know Theodore Kimble?

A.    I've talked to him a couple of times.

Q.    And what was your opinion of Theodore Kimble, his brother?

MR. LLOYD: Objection once again, Your Honor.

THE COURT: Overruled.

THE WITNESS: I thought a lot of him too.

Q.    In your discussions with Ronnie, did he ever tell you about the pictures of that young lady he had in his Bible?

MR. LLOYD: Well, objection, Your Honor.


THE COURT: Overruled.


Q.    Do you know why he'd have pictures of some woman other than his wife?

MR. LLOYD: Well, object, Your Honor.

THE COURT: Overruled.

THE WITNESS: No. I didn't ask him any questions like that.

MR. PANOSH: No further questions. Thank you, ma'am.


THE COURT: Step down, ma'am.

(Witness stood aside)



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