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Betty Rogers, Witness for the Defendant


Next witness, please.

MR. LLOYD: Ms. Betty Rogers.

(Witness stood aside) (Whereupon, the witness was first duly sworn.)


BETTY ROGERS, being first duly sworn, was examined and testified as follows during DIRECT EXAMINATION by MR. LLOYD:

Q.    Ms. Rogers, if you'd state your name for the record, please, ma'am.

A.    Betty Rogers.

Q.    All right. And where do you work, Ms. Rogers?

A.    I'm retired.

Q.    What are you retired from?

A.    Twenty-two years at Gilbarco.

Q.    And how do you know Ronnie Kimble?

A.    I met Ronnie through Monnett Road Baptist Church. I've been going there 15 years. And I met Ronnie when he was about 11, whenever we started to go to church down there.

Q.    And did you know him on a level outside the church as well?

A.    Yes, I did. We've had several cookouts, and Ronnie comes up there to the cookouts. And then he's come by several times on Saturdays and we've chatted a little bit. And to me Ronnie is an outstanding person. And he's just a good person, you know, for the church. He's just an outstanding person to me. And he's always taught Sunday school. And he's called me every week since he's been in jail. And we've often talked about


the church and all. And he's told me that the people that he has led to the Lord in the chaplain's office. And I said, Well, praise the Lord, Ronnie. That's another one the devil won't have.

Q.    And did you have a chance -- how was he -- you mentioned that he taught Sunday school. How was he -‑

A.    He taught Sunday school. He helped with Sunday school. He'd do anything that he could for the church. He was just a shining light for the church in my opinion. He's just a good boy. And he's -- when he went to the Marines, he come home on the weekends and he still taught Sunday school. And he was just an excellent boy in my opinion.

Q.    You indicated that he had called you while he was in jail.

A.    Yes, he did. He called me every week.

Q.    And what did you talk about on those occasions without going in exactly what people said? What in general did you say?

A.    When he was in jail and called me?

Q     Yes, ma'am.

A.    We was just talking about the church. He wanted to know if I had seen Kim, his wife. And I'd tell him yes. He'd always talk about how pretty she was. I said yes, she does look good.


Q.    Did he talk about other people in the church and ask you how they were doing?

A.    Yes. He's asked about his mom and dad, and he's asked about other members of the church. He sure did. He's always been a caring and loving boy.

MR. LLOYD: Thank you, Ms. Rogers. That's all I have.

MR. PANOSH: No questions.

THE COURT: Step down, ma'am. Next witness, please.

(Witness stood aside)



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