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Arson Expert Opinion


Based upon the examination of the physical evidence at the home after the arson and based upon the studies and data that have been previously provided to the defendants, the arson expert(s) for the State of North Carolina has concluded:

1. That upon examination of the scene after the fire had been put out, there was still a heavy smell of gasoline, indicating that the accelerant used was not totally consumed.
2. That the smell of gasoline was especially strong near the body.
3. That there was evidence of a trailer of gasoline poured from the body to the kitchen.
4. That there was no evidence of an explosion
5. That there was no evidence of a flash over.
6. That there was physical evidence indicating that the fuel-air mixture was such that combustion was suppressed shortly after the fire was ignited.
7. That after the fire was suppressed due to the lack of oxygen, the fire continued to burn in a as glowing embers and that the most damage was done in the area around the body, where the greatest concentration of fuel was found.
8. That the evidence indicated the house was essentially closed and the fire was deprived of an adequate supply of oxygen for intense combustion
9. That the remaining combustion was supported by air leaking into the home.
10. That after a substantial period of burning the fire burned through the floor around the body, and the body dropped into the crawl space.
11. That once the fire burned through the flooring and joists, additional oxygen was available from the crawl space area.
12. That the fire burned in excess of two hours and that the evidence found is consistent with a fire that burned in excess of 4 hours.


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