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Report, Herbert L. Byrd: Provides the timeline for the autopsy and collecting of evidence for identification


Guilford County Sheriff's Department
Supplemental Report

1. Incident Number:951009027
2. Victim's Name:Patricia Gail Kimble
3. Day/Date/Time of Report:Thu Oct 12 09:00:11 EDT 1995
4. Narrative:
On 10/10/95 at approximately 0830 hrs. I was informed of an Arson fire located at 2604 Brandon Station Court Greensboro, N. C. While extinguishing the fire fireman found a body possibly that of the resident, Patricia G. Kimble W/F 28.

As a aresult of that find I was asked to go to Chapel Hill to the Medical Examinor's office and take dental records of Mrs. Kimble.

I was told that her Dentist was Dr. Blakes Walrond DDS. located at 2607 Tabernacle Church Rd. Pleasant Garden, N.C. Phone number (910) 674-2328. Dr. Walrond gave me the dental records of Patricia Gail Blakley which were about two to three years old.

At approximately 0910 hrs. I took these records to the Medical Examinor's office to be compared with those of the body discovered in the fire. I arrived at the Medical Examinor's office at approximately 1020 hrs. After the autopsy which was done by Dr. Chancellor, whos results were that the cause of death was a gunshot to the head by a large caliber weapon. The bullet entered the head from a left to right angle, exiting the head and lodging in the skin of the right jaw. The bullet jacket and metal fragments were taken for evidence along with the medical examinor's autopsy evidence.

After the autopsy Dr. Jeff Burke DDS. was called in to do the comparison and his conclusion was that the body was that of Patricia Gail Blakely Kimble. This was at approximately 1310 hrs.

At approximately 1330 hrs. Dr. Brinkhouse and Dr. Chancellor completed the autopsy and we telephoned Sgt. Deberry and they gave him their conclusions and findings.

I was then instructed to take the evidence collected by the medeical examinors office to the SBI Lab in Raleigh, N.C.  I arrived in Raleigh at approximately 1400 hrs. and turned in the following evidence collected from the medical examinoe's office:

     (1) ---- 1 ------ Remains of clothing
     (2) ---- 1 ------ Rectal Swabs
     (3) ---- 1 ------ Vaghinal Swabs
     (4) ---- 2 ------ Rectal Smears on glass slides
     (5) ---- 2 ------ Vaginal Smears on glass slides
     (6) ---- 1 ------ Bullets with jacket and metal fragments
     (7) ---- 3 ------ Blood Samples
     (8) ----    ------ Plucked Scalp hairs




     (9) ----   ------ Plucked Pubis hairs

All of the above items were turned in at approximately 1430 hrs. except item number 8 & 9 the hair samples because we did not have any other hair to compare them to. The two items were brought back to Guilford County and placed in evidence here. I returned to the office at approximately 1645 hrs.


5. Reporting Officer/Assignment:

Det. Herbert L. Byrd/CID Major Crimes





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