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Autopsy Report and Identification

Includes handwritten notes on another copy


North Carolina Department of Environment, Health and Natural Resources
Division of Postmortem Medicolegal Examination
Office of the Chief Medical Examiner
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-7580
Telephone (919) 966-2253


AUTOPSY NUMBER: A95-0901                              

CASE NUMBER: 95-6738

DECEDENT: Patricia Blakley Kimble
AGE: 28                  

RACE: White                         

SEX: Female
Authorized by: Dr. Jan Hessling                            

Received from: Guilford County
Date of Autopsy Examination: 10/10/95

Time: 9:15 a.m.
Body identified by: Dental records and x-rays provided by Dr. Scott Walrond
Persons present at autopsy: Mr. Kevin Gerity
1, Det. H.L. Byrd of the Guilford County Sheriff's Department

Gunshot wound to the left side of the head, penetrating, involving the left temporal–lobe, brainstem and right temporal lobe of the brain

Charring of the body, postmortem

CAUSE OF DEATH: Gunshot wound' to the head

The facts stated herein are correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.
/Karen E. Chancellor/                            11-16-95
Karen E. Chancellor, M.D., Pathologist        Date
Page 1 of 11, November 16, 1995

1who is this?




DECEDENT: Patricia Blakley Kimble
CASE NUMBER: 95-6738

Body condition: Charred 
how charred?
Weight: 101 pounds
Body Heat: Cool
Hair: Brown and singed

Eyes: Burned
Teeth: Natural. Amalgam restorations are present. See accompanying dental diagrams.
Facial hair: None present.

The body is received in a white zippered body bag. Within the bag it is wrapped in a white sheet. The body is a severely charred adult white female. The only clothing that remains on the body is part of a sleeve on the left arm and fragments of clothing on the lower abdominal area. Most of the scalp hair has been burned away. A small tuft of brown scalp hair is present on the forehead. The body is extensively charred with the right chest partially burned through exposing the ribs and chest contents.1 The small bowel is also exposed on the right side of the abdomen. There is some sparing of the left hand and left side of the face, where white skin is visible. There is splitting of the skin of the right frontotemporal scalp, right and left sides of the chest and the thighs. The left foot and right leg from a level just above the right knee are not present. In the left ear is a yellow metal earring with a white stone setting. Around the neck is a yellow metal chain with a heart pendant. Around the right wrist is a yellow metal bracelet. There is a watch on the left wrist with yellow metal and black band. On the fourth digit of the left hand are two bands. One of these is a single yellow metal band. The other is a double yellow metal band with white stone settings. The skin of the left hand is wrinkled. Artificial nails are present on the fingers of the left hand. A gunshot wound is present and described below. There is no evidence of traumatic injury to the external genitalia.


There is a gunshot wound entrance to the left side of the head, just behind the left ear located at a point approximately 4 1/2" from the top of the head and 4" to the left of the anterior midline. This entrance wound is round, measures 1/2" and has an abrasion ring. Neither gunshot residue nor powder stippling can be identified. However, skin adjacent to this wound is severely charred.
Page 2 of 11, November 16, 1995

1How much gas would be necessary

This would take a huge amount of burning

In order to do this a lot of smoke and heat is necessary

What is an "abrasion ring"

She is wearing her wedding rings


DECEDENT: Patricia Blakley Kimble
CASE NUMBER: 95-6738

The entrance wound passes through the mastoid process of the left temporal bone through an irregular 3/4" defect with internal beveling to enter the cranial cavity. Examination of the dura, at this entrance point, reveals the absence of soot staining. The brain shows diffuse, moderate subarachnoid hemorrhage. The wound track passes through the left temporal brain lobe, brainstem and right temporal brain lobe. The wound track exits the cranium through an irregular 1" in diameter defect of the right temporal bone just anterior to the mastoid process. On external examination of the body, this area of exit, located behind the right ear on the right side of the head, shows splitting of the charred skin with a bulge measuring approximately 1 1/4" in diameter. A bullet is recovered from this scalp region on the right side of the head from a point approximately 4" to the right of the anterior midline and 4 1/2" from the top of the head. This projectile consists of a large-caliber yellow metal jacket measuring approximately 7/16" in diameter, 1/4 x 1/4 x 1/16" fragment of yellow metal, a severely deformed lead core measuring 3/4 x 3/4 x 3/4" and a 1/16" diameter lead fragment.

This is a gunshot wound to the left side of the head with the wound track passing from left to right and with no significant deviation up or down or from front to back. Major injuries include perforation of the brain, including the brainstem. A large-caliber projectile and jacket material are recovered from the wound track.

Radiographs: X-rays of the head, chest and abdomen are performed. The head x-ray reveals projectile present on the right side of the head. 
Shot from the side and behind.  See Back

Microbiology: None


Chemistry: None

Evidence collected: The remnants of clothing are sealed in nylon bags. Also collected are rectal and vaginal swabs. These items, together with the bullet and jacket and metal fragments, three blood samples, plucked scalp hair sample and plucked pubic hair sample are turned over to Det. Herbert L. Byrd of the Guilford County Sheriff's Department on 10/10/95 at 1:15 p.m.

Personal Effects Disposition: The jewelry is returned with the body.


Body cavities: There is no excess fluid within the chest or abdominal cavities. Adhesions are not present. The right lung and bowels on right side of the body are partially charred. The internal organs have a slight green discoloration.
Cardiovascular system: Heart: 320gm. The coronary arteries have a normal right-dominant distribution and no coronary atherosclerosis. Opening the chambers reveals
Page 3 of 11, November 16, 1995

Back:  Drawing of crime scene (PDF, page 16)



DECEDENT: Patricia Blakley Kimble
CASE NUMBER: 95-6738

normal openings and valves. The foramen ovale is probe-patent. Sectioning the myocardium reveals reddish-brown tissue with no focal abnormality.
Neck: There is no hemorrhage. The hyoid bone and thyroid cartilage are intact. The larynx is clear.
Respiratory tract: Lungs: Right 230gm, left 240gm. The pleural surfaces are smooth. The major bronchi contain no foreign material. Sectioning reveals congested lung tissue.
Gastrointestinal tract: The esophagus contains a small amount of partially digested food. The stomach contains approximately 75cc of partially digested food with no unusual odor. The stomach mucosa is unremarkable. The small bowel, colon and appendix are intact.
Liver: 1230gm. The liver capsule is smooth and intact. Sectioning reveals soft brown tissue. The gallbladder is present and contains approximately 10cc of liquid bile and no stones.
Pancreas: The pancreas is the usual size, shape and consistency.
Spleen: 130gm. The splenic capsule is smooth and reddish-purple. Sectioning reveals no abnormality.
Adrenal glands: Unremarkable.
Urinary tract: Kidneys: Right 100gm, left 130gm. The kidneys have normal size and shape and smooth cortical surfaces. Sectioning reveals no abnormality. The bladder contains approximately 100cc of clear, straw-colored urine. The bladder mucosa is unremarkable.
Reproductive tract: The uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries are the usual size, shape and configuration. Sectioning reveals no abnormality.
Musculoskeletal system: There are no rib or vertebral fractures present.
Immunologic system: Unremarkable. -
Head: Brain: 1380gm. Please see description of injury.
Page 4 of11 November 16, 1995



DECEDENT: Patricia Blakley Kimble
CASE NUMBER: 95-6738

Rectal smear: Spermatozoa not present.

Vaginal smear: Spermatozoa not present.

Heart: No pathologic abnormality.
Lungs: Congestion.
Liver: Minimal fatty vacuolization is present. Changes due to thermal injury are also present.
Kidneys: No pathologic abnormality.
Brain: Section of cortex confirms the presence of subarachnoid hemorrhage. Perivascular cortical hemorrhages consistent with contusion injury are also present.


This woman was found in the remains of her burning home in Guilford County on 10/09/95. Accelerants were allegedly found near the home.

At postmortem examination, the body is that of a charred young adult white female. The identification is confirmed by comparison of dental records and x-rays provided by-Dr. Scott Walrond with the dentition (see odontologic consultation). Examination reveals a gunshot wound to the left side of the head involving the left temporal lobe, brainstem and right temporal lobe of the brain. A projectile and jacket material are recovered from this wound track. The blood alcohol is negative, and the blood carbon monoxide saturation is less than 5%.

In my opinion, death resulted from the gunshot wound to the head.
Page 5 of 11, November 16, 1995

Body Diagrams (PDF, pages 6-7)


Foot has burned away - must be hot

would smoke escape through crawlspace door


[University Seal]

Department of Diagnostic Sciences
(919) 966-2747

School of Dentistry

CB# 7450, Brauer Hall

Chapel Hill. N.C. 27599-7450

Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Report of Dental Examination at Autopsy
Case Number: 95-901

Age: 27
Race: Cau

Sex: Female

Date Completed: 10 October, 1995

Examined by: Dr. E. Jeff Burkes, Jr.


The partially charred remains of 95-901 were examined in the Medical Examiner's Autopsy Room on 10 October, 1995. Removal of soft tissues obstructing view was accomplished and the teeth and gingivae cleaned. The gingival contour showed no significant abnormalities, however, calculus was present on the facial and lingual of the lower incisors. The teeth in the maxilla and mandible were slightly crowded in the anterior. There was overlapping of the interproximals with rotation in the maxilla. In the mandible there was rotation and lingual version of teeth numbers 23 and 25. Amalgam restorations were present in teeth numbers 2, 3 and 14. The third molars were erupted and in good
alignment. The distofacial cusp 9f tooth number 31 was fractured, revealing approximately 1mm2 of dentin.
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Record of Dental Examination at Autopsy, Match Form (PDF, pages 9-10)

[University Seal]

Department of Diagnostic Sciences
(919) 966-2747

School of Dentistry

CB# 7450 Brauer Hall
Chapel Hill, N.C. 27599-7450

DATE: October 11, 1995
TO: North Carolina Medical Examiner's Office
FROM: Dr. E. Jeff Burkes, Jr.

I reviewed the records on Patricia Blaklev provided by Dr. Scott Walrond dated 2-19-93 and compared them to 95-901. In my opinion there are sufficient points of similarity between these two records to match them for purposes of identification.
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