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Letter: Ronnie Kimble to Clerk of the Court, Guilford County Courthouse


September 8, 200

Ronnie Lee Kimble, 0628799

Odom Correctional Institute

Route 1, Box 36
Jackson, NC 27845

Ms. Estie Bennington, Clerk of Court
Guilford County Courthouse
P.O. Box 3008
Greensboro, NC 27402

Re: State vs Ronnie Lee Kimble
Guilford County
97 CRS 39580; 97 CRS 23654; 98 CRS 23485; 98 CRS 23399

Dear Ms. Bennington:

Please send me a copy of all documents on file, and all exhibits you have on file, and a transcript of all parts of the proceedings. These records, coupled with newly discovered evidence will be instrumental in helping me to establish my innocence.

From what I understand of the law, it is within your power to provide them to me. However, if this request has to be made by motion, please let me know. The trial court established that I am indigent in the appellate entries and these records were provided to my appellate counsel.

I have made every effort to obtain many of these records through them, but I am receiving little cooperation. Their reasons for this is lost labor and lost copies. While I am not certain if this is justified by law, it would seem reasonable because of the size and the amount of records involved.

With no formal education in law, assistance, or the resources, I can not afford to delay my preparation for my next step regardless of what the court of appeals final decision is. I would appreciate your approval in providing my request and also your help in preventing any delays.

Thank you for your time Ms. Bennington.



Ronnie Lee Kimble




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