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Report, Harold G. Pendergrass (SBI):  Interview, Gayle Teague Black



SBI CASE: 1995-03251
ACTIVITY: January 30, 1997
VICTIM: Patricia Gail Kimble
DICTATED: January 30, 1997
RECEIVED: February 3, 1997
TYPED: February 4, 1997
COPIES: (1) Records; (2) SA H. G. Pendergrass; (3) SAC J. M. Burns; (4) District Attorney H. M. Kimel

Gayle Teague Black, W/F/10/07/46; Business: Wachovia Bank, Spring Valley Branch, 2410 Randleman Road, Greensboro, North Carolina; Telephone: 910-373-6161; Residence: 10630 Silk Hope Liberty Road, Liberty, North Carolina, Telephone: 910-622-4055; (Witness):

Gayle Black was interviewed on January 30, 1997, at Wachovia Bank, Spring Valley Branch, 2410 Randleman Road, Greensboro, North Carolina, beginning at 9:20 a.m. by SA H. G. Pendergrass and Guilford County Sheriff's Department Detective J. D. Church.

Black is a teller at the above Wachovia Bank location where victim Patricia Kimble often conducted her banking business and was interviewed for this purpose.

Black stated she was periodically assigned to the drive-thru window area of the Spring Valley Branch of Wachovia Bank and often waited on victim Kimble. Black stated she did not know Patricia Kimble very well but recalls commenting to Kimble on one occasion prior to Kimble's death that Black and Kimble shared the same first two names, Patricia Gail. Black stated although she did not personally know victim Kimble, she had children about the age of Patricia Kimble. Black stated when victim Kimble first began banking at the Spring Valley Branch Black knew Kimble as Patricia Gail Blakley. According to Black, victim Kimble had an account at Wachovia for approximately two years. Black stated she believed Patricia Kimble's mother, Shirley Blakley, also banked at this same branch.

At some point, Black stated, she subsequently learned and was told by Patricia Blakley that she (Blakley) had recently gotten married to Ted Kimble, and that Black was now only one of a few who knew this. Black stated she did not know Ted Kimble but recalls seeing Ted Kimble on television following Patricia Kimble's death. When asked, Black stated, she does not recall if Ted Kimble's name had been added to the account belonging to Patricia Kimble. Black stated she could not add anything



further regarding victim Kinble but did say victim Kinble was a nice girl who Black believes got a "raw deal."

The interview with Gayle Black was concluded at approximately 9:35 a.m. on January 30, 1997.





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