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Report, Harold G. Pendergrass (SBI):  Interview, Janet Blakley


Blakley was interviewed on August 29, 1996, beginning at 3:55 p.m., at the Deep River Fire Department, North Caroline Highway 68 North, Greensboro, North Carolina, by SA H. G. Pendergrass and Guilford County Sheriff's Department Detective J. D. Church.

Blakley is the former girlfriend of Ted Kimble, white male, and first cousin to Patricia Kimble, victim in this investigation, and was interviewed for this purpose.

Blakley stated she is single and presently resides with her parents at their [address blacked out]Pleasant Garden, North Carolina, residence. Blakley has finished high school and is a recent graduate of Wingate University, Wingate, North Carolina, having obtained a degree in Business Administration.

Blakley stated she first met and began dating Ted Kimble, spouse of Patricia Kimble, while she was still a senior in high school (1991). Blakley stated she was introduced to Ted Kimble by Joy Hedgecock, white female, who was dating Ted at the time. Blakley stated she dated Ted Kimble off and on for the next three and one-half years. During the time they dated, Blakley stated Ted was very possessive. After first meeting Ted Kimble, Blakley stated and recalled Ted Kimble had just wrecked his vehicle, a Conquest (unable to recall year of vehicle). As a result of the vehicle wreck, Blakley stated Ted Kimble collected a sum of money from his insurance company.

Blakley stated she never saw the money but recalls Ted Kimble had money concealed in the ceiling of his Hemphill Road, Julian, North Carolina, trailer residence. Blakley stated the amount collected by Kimble from his insurance company was approximately $1000 to $4000. According to Blakley, Ted Kimble periodically purchased her jewelry; two bracelets, a diamond ring and

necklace; with a portion of the above money. Blakley stated and recalled Ted Kimble purchasing a necklace ($300) from Scott Shepard, white male, utilizing some of the same money. During this time, Blakley stated Ted Kimble was supposedly collecting workmen's compensation as a result of wrecking his vehicle earlier, but instead, was employed and working on a regular basis at Lyles Building Materials. After the wreck of the Conquest, Blakley stated Ted Kimble then purchased an Isuzu pickup truck with a portion of the insurance proceeds. After the purchase of the Isuzu, Blakley stated she was present and observed Ted Kimble purposely damage the Isuzu by making a large scratch mark on the pickup truck utilizing a key. Blakley stated Ted Kimble damaged the Isuzu because he wanted his insurance company to reimburse him for a new paint job. When asked, Blakley stated she knew what Ted Kimble did was wrong but what Ted Kimble did to the truck at the time did not seem all that bad.

At some point during their courtship, Blakley stated and recalled Ted Kimble wrecking the Isuzu pickup. According to Blakley, Ted Kimble then purchased a Chevrolet Camaro I-ROC. Blakley stated the stereo equipment contained in the Camaro kept getting stolen and subsequently being reinstalled back into the above Camaro by Ted Kimble. In the fall of 1992, Blakley stated she was told by Ted Kimble that he had personally broken into the Camaro I-ROC and removed the stereo equipment while the vehicle sat stationary on the parking lot at Lyles Building Materials. Following this, Blakley stated Ted Kimble submitted an insurance claim for subsequent replacement for the stereo equipment.

Following removal of the alleged "stolen" stereo equipment (two speakers and equalizer), Blakley stated Ted Kimble then installed the equipment into a black Camaro I-ROC or Pontiac Firebird, which belonged to Scott Shepard. At some point, Blakley stated Shepard sold his vehicle to another individual containing the same above stereo equipment. Following this, Blakley stated Ted Kimble then broke into and removed the above same stereo equipment while the vehicle was parked at the residence of the new owner's girlfriend.

Blakley stated her relationship with Ted Kimble eventually ended during her sophomore year of college (1993). Two weeks after ending the relationship, Blakley stated she had returned home for the weekend and was attending church that Sunday. On this occasion, Blakley stated she learned that Ted Kimble was engaged to be married to Patricia Blakley, Janet's cousin. Blakley stated this was very upsetting to her since she had introduced Patricia to Ted Kimble. Prior to becoming engaged to Patricia,

Blakley stated she had also been engaged to Ted Kimble but decided to break the engagement because Blakley wished to finish college before being married. In the spring of 1994, Blakley stated she learned from her sister, Christina, that she had been approached by Ted Kimble following his marriage to Patricia and told by Ted Kimble that "he married his beat friend, but he still loved Janet.'" Blakley stated and admitted that she in fact did love Ted Kimble at one time.

Prior to his marriage to Patricia, Blakley stated Ted Kimble had moved into Patricia's 2401 Brandon Station Court, Pleasant Garden, North Carolina, residence. During this same time, Blakley stated she continued to date Ted Kimble. After her refusal to marry Ted Kimble, Blakley stated their relationship turned "sour." Blakley stated and recalled Ted Kimble telling her on several occasions that before Gary Lyle would sell Ted Kimble the building materials business, that Ted would have to get married. When asked, Blakley stated Ted Kimble always "bossed" his younger brother, Ronnie, around. Blakley stated Ronnie Kimble would do whatever Ted asked Ronnie to do and that Ted was capable of talking Ronnie into committing an unlawful act; i.e, murdering Ted's wife, Patricia.

Prior to Patricia Kimble's death, Blakley stated she had thought that some harm might come to Patricia and that Ted Kimble would somehow be responsible. Blakley stated she attempted to speak with Patricia Kimble regarding her (Blakley's) thoughts, but Patricia Kimble continued to express to Blakley how "good" and "kind" Ted was to Patricia. Blakley further stated at the beginning of their courtship, she recalls being present at Ted Kimble's Hemphill Road, Julian, North Carolina, trailer residence and witnessed Ted place a short barrel rifle in his mouth and commented to Blakley, "Why should I live?" According to Blakley, Ted Kimble was not active in the church at that time and believed he was trying to straighten his life out.

The interview with Janet Blakley was concluded at approximately 5:40 p.m., on August 29, 1996.





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