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Report, John Appel (GCSD):  Interview, Richard Blakley

Ted's handwritten notes included as footnotes.  Other handwritten notes.



Guilford County Sheriff's Department
Witness\Suspect Statement

1. Case Number/Victim:: 951009027
2. Interview With: Richard Earl Blakley, W/M, DOB: 7/12/43, 2547 Branchwater Road, Pleasant Garden, NC, (919) 674-0802, pager-271-1777
3. Date/Time: 10/10/95, 1700 hours
4. Location: 2140 Branch Station Court, Pleasant Garden, NC
5. Interviewed By: Det. John Appel, Major Crimes
6. Offense: Homicide
7. Narrative:

On 10/10/95, while at the crime scene on Brandon Station Road, Lieutenant J. G. Bryant requested that I interview Mr. Blakley, father of the victim, Patricia Gail Blakley Kimble.

Mr. Blakley says that within the last few months, his daughter has mentioned to him that her husband, Ted Kimble, was taking out large insurance policies on her, some without her knowledge. Mr. Blakley recalls that the sum she mentioned was $200,000.

Mr. Blakley says that Patricia originally purchased the house with Mr. Blakley as co-owner. He says that Patricia refinanced the house some
A time ago when interest rates were lower, and that it was then in her name only. Mr. Blakley also says that recently he received notification that the homeowner's insurance was being cancelled. Mr. Blakley says that he talked to his daughter about this, and that she was not aware of it. He says that she later found the notification in the house somewhere.

Mr. Blakley says that Ted Kimble used to date Janet Blakley, and that he was engaged to Janet Blakley at one time. Ted Kimble then started living at Patricia's house as "friends", but eventually broke off the engagement with Janet Blakley and married Patricia. Mr. Blakley says that Patricia and Janet have never been good friends after this. Mr. Blakley says that the only woman he believes Ted Kimble would have an "affair"B with would be Janet Blakley.

Mr. Blakley says that recently Patricia expressed concern for her safety to Mr. BlakIey. He says that Patricia was concerned about Ted purchasing additional life insurance on her and that Patricia believed that she already had enough life insurance. Mr. Blakley says that Patricia was scared about Ted purchasing some guns recently and that Ted had started sleeping with a gun
C under his pillow at night. Patricia told her father that she was afraid Ted would kill her in the



the middle of the night unintentionally.D Mr. Blakley says that Patricia told him about Ted hitting her one night while she was asleep. When Patricia woke Ted up, he said he was having a "nightmare".E

Mr. Blakley said that Janet Blakley was a student at Wingate College, but that she was home on 10/9/95.


House selected by Patricia

No attempt to have Ted named owner

No will executed

No attempt to remove money

Patricia approved condo at Williamsburg, boat, garage, clothes

Many people have gun under a bed

Protection; passed concealed gun law for protection

A6 months before we were married Patricia refinanced the house and took her fathers name off.  When she first bought the house she couldn't qualify on her own.  He father co-signed, but never helped her financially.

*Patricia and I spoke of making a will several times.  My parents have a computer program to make a will with.  Patricia spoke to my mom about making a will a time or two.  I was well aware my name wasn't on the house.  That was one of the reasons we wanted a will.

BI never made any contact of any kind with Janet Blakley while we were married.  Janet came into my business 8 (?) months after Patricia's death, looking to buy a dog house.  I gave her one.  We didn't really talk much.  I said call me sometime and never heard from her again.  I've never tried to contact her.

CAs long as were were married I had a gun under the bed or in the night stand next to the bed, but never under my pillow.

DPatricia never spoke of any of this to me.

EI had done this once before -- I also talk in my sleep.  I've even woke up crying and yelling.  I dream a lot an have had several dreams come true.

(By the way, we're going to win.  "I know.")



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