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Report, John Appel (GCSD):  Interview, Reuben Blakley

Ted's handwritten notes are included as footnotes



Guilford County Sheriff's Department
Supplemental Report

1. Incident Number: 951009027
2. Victim's Name: Kimble, Patricia
3. Day/Date/Time of Report: Mon Oct 16 16:23:02 EDT 1995

4. Narrative:
On 10/11/95, while at the fire scene, I talked to Reuben Blakley, brother of the victim.

Mr .Blakley says that Ted Kimble and Patricia have argued lately over Ted buying a motorcycle. Patricia did not want him to have one, but Ted wanted one. Mr. Blakley believes that Ted's reason for getting the second job at Precision Fabric Group was to get extra money to purchase a motorcycle.

Mr. Blakley says that Patricia told him about Ted getting more insurance on her the day after she reportedly told her father, Richard Blakley. Reuben Blakley, says that Patricia told him several days later that she and Ted had "worked it out" about the insurance.

Reuben Blakley says that Patricia told him she was making extra mortgage payments to avoid putting her money in a savings account where Ted could it out and spend it.B

5. Reporting Officer/Assignment: Det. John Appel, Major Crimes


APatricia and I had a long talk and finally discussed everything we owed.  I would continue to work at P.F.G. and pay the boat off.  In a few months we might start trying to get pregnant.

BWe never made minimum payments, we both agreed on this.  It was no secret.

CDarrel Kidd had been after me all summer to buy a bike.  I talked about the possibility a few times.




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