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Letter from Jennifer Hall to Garry Britt, Residential Rental Agreement for Ted Kimble

Handwritten notes are included


11/09/95 18:04  FROM MARYLAND CASUALTY 237  TO 619103733668  P.02


Nov 9

Gary Reilly


2 page from Garry Britt


November 1, 1995
Gary Britt
P. 0, Box 4114
Raleigh, RC 27629Dear

Dear Mr. Britt,

Thank you for your time and consideration in expediting the enclosed lease agreement between myself and Mr. Kimble.. It is my understanding that you will be sending the payments directly to me. Below is the way that the checks need to be made out and the address to which they need to be sent.
II you have any questions at all please Seel tree to call me. My daytime number 910-273-5111 Ronald L. Fields & Co., 102 E Bessemer, evenings I can be reached at 910-674-6017. Bobby [unreadable word] Ministries


Jennifer Hall previous employer 379-1229

Best Regards,



> Please make checks payable to Jennifer E. Hall

                                             5404 Forest Oaks Drive 674 6518 Ray Hunt
                                             Greensboro, NC 27406





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