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Report, C. F. Sibert (GCSD): Interview, Louise Cato

Guilford County Sheriff's Department
Supplemental Report

1. Incident Number:951009027
2. Victim's Name:Patricia Gail Kimble
3. Day/Date/Time of Report:Thu Mar 6 09:43:14 EST 1997

4. Narrative:The following is reference an interview conducted with RP1 Louise Cato (B/F DOB 9-11-62) on March 4, 1997 between the hours of 1105 and 1200. The interview was conducted at the office of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service at Camp Lejeune. Also present and participating in the interview were North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation Agent Tom Childrey and Naval Criminal Investigation Service Special Agent Greg Munroe.

RP1 Cato has been in the Navy for twelve years and has been assigned as a Religious Program Specialist (E-6) with the Chaplain's office since October of 1994, she was there when Ronnie Kimble was assigned to the office.

She said that she could not recall how she learned of Patricia Kimble's death, but that it was commonly known. She said that while Kimble never spoke to her about the death, on one occasion she was in the office when Kimble was talking about it to Natalie Kelly, a civilian working in the office. She said that Kimble told Kelly that he was the last person to see Patricia Kimble, that he had gone by the house to either pick up or drop off something (RP1 Cato could not recall which). She also advised that Ronnie Kimble had said his brother Ted had been questioned, but that Ted had been at work at the time of the death. She also remembered hearing Kimble say that a large tool chest had been dragged into the living room and that Kimle had stated that maybe someone had come in and the suspect had ran off.

Cato described Kimble as a "Bible Thumper" and said that he was prone to put off his religious views on other people. She said that he had been reprimanded in training sessions for expressing disapproval of other religions. She did say however, that this had been less of a problem since the death of Patricia Kimble, that Ronnie dicussed religion less after the death. Cato said that Kimble likes praise and recognition and that he "strives to be perfect, wants to be the one, to be right".

She said that there used to be another Marine temporarily assigned to the Chaplain's office that Ronnie often discussed religion, she also described this other Marine as a "Bible Thumper" (Cato could not recall his name, but said that his last name begins with a "C" or a "K" and he was a Corporal and is still stationed at Camp Lejeune). Cato also mentioned that Kimble is friends with a Marine named Dziadaszek who also works in the Chaplain's office, she knew of at least one occasion Dziadaszek went home to Greensboro with Kimble. She also said that


Kimble seems to condfide in Natalie Kelly. She said that he did not get along with RP2 Freddie (last name) who works in the office. Generally speaking, she said that Kimble can be irritating and often rubs people the wrong way.

She said that Kimble likes to hunt in the area, particularly during deer season. She said that other than his conversation with Kelly, she has never heard Kimble discuss his family.

5. Reporting Officer/Assignment:C.F. Sibert/CID




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