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Report, David DeBerry (GCSD):  Interview, Kristy L. Caviness




Guilford County Sheriff's Department
Witness\Suspect Statement1.

1. Case Number/Victim:: 951009027
2. Interview With: Kristy L. CavinessA

6405 Mid Pine Court

Pleasant Garden, N.C.
3. Date/Time: 10-16-95 1825 hrs.
4. Location: 500 Archdale Ave.

Archdale, N.C.
5. Interviewed By: Sgt. D.L. DeBerry
6. Offense: Homicide

7. Narrative: On Monday 10-16-95 at 1825 hrs. I interviewed Kristy at her mothers residence in. Archdale in reference to the Kimble homicide. Kristy said that she had worked with the victim Patricia Kimble at the Cinnamon Ridge Apartments. Kristy stated that she was employed there in August of 1994 and left September 15, 1995 and was now attending Collage full time. The following are events: Kristy remembered them that she feels may or may not be important.

(1)B Ted employed a Robert Tidwell (w-m) who he later fired because Robert got ripped of for $600 to $800 dollars of Ted's money attempting to buy possiby stolen property. Ted cashed a personel check at Lyles to buy the property.

(2)C Mr. Lyles sold Ted the business, but said he wouldn"t untill Ted married Patricia.


(3)D Ted's father was supposed to know about the property being bought listed in #1.

(4) Patricia didn't want Ted to take a second job because they wern't lacking any money.

(5)E Ted had carried a gun on a Church ski trip and it had upset Patricia.

(6)F A female named Sandra had threatned Patricia because she got evicted.

(7)G Ted had taken out a life Insurance policy on Patricia and she didn't think that they needed it and didn't tell her he was doing it. She found out when the ins. agent called her.

The above statements were either told to her by Patricia or other


APatricia and I double dated with Kristy a few times.  I'm sure she said more than just this.  (I would hope something positive) Patricia and she worked side by side in the office.

BRobert Tidwell is now handycap.  For the second time he has servived a DWI wreck.  Both times his brain swelled.  This time causeing brain damage.  #1 is refering to a time in which a guy comes in saying he's got a deal a circuit city.  Claims he's a driver and there was an over shipment.  The guy said it was legal and I would get a receit.  I couldn't leave the office so I sent 'Robert (normal at the time- I thault?)  I made it clear to Robert not to give the guy the money, to pay for the things himself and if it was a scam walk off and come back.  I made it clear, "no receit, no money," and check the boxes to make sure it wasn't bricks.  When the two arrived at circuit city Robert gave the guy the money to go in and pay while he back the truck up to the loading dock.  Robert went into the store, the guy was gone.  "Stupid" I fired Robert.

CGary Lyles never told me this and claims he didn't

DDad came in while Robert was gone and I told him about what was going on.

EIt was in the glove box and I had forgotten to take it out.  It wasn't a big deal, we usually had one there.

FSandra McNeil-the same person page 29

GAfter our talk and discussion about all we owed and the thault of having a child, she thault otherwise.











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