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Report, Stormy G. Cross (GCSD):  Narrative of the Crime Scene 

Note:  Ted's handwritten notes on the report are included as footnotes.



Guilford County Sheriff's Department
Case Log Report

1. Incident Number:951009027

2. Identification Officer:S.G.CROSS

3. Requesting Officer:Sgt. L.LINDELL/B.YARBOROUGH

4. Type of Case:Homicide/Arson

5. Notified Time/Date:0610 hrs. 101095

6. Arrival Time/Date:0630 hrs. 101095

7. Completion Time/Date:2100 hrs. 101095

8. Victim/Address:Patricia Gale KIMBLE 2104 Brandon Station Ct. Pleasant Garden

9. Duties Performed:
Photographs: B&W Yes Color Yes
Latent Lifts # Yes #11
Composite: No
Handwipes: No
Crime Scene Sketch: No
Rape Kit: No
Other: See Narrative and Control Card

10. Narrative of Crime Scene:On Tuesday, October 10, 1995, this unit was dispatched to the above address in reference to assisting on a Arson involving a death. Upon arrival contact was made with Sgt. L.A.LINDELL and Guilford County Sheriff's Department Crime Scene Technician Brian YARBOROUGH. Sgt. LINDELL informed me that a fire had been reported at this residence at approximately 2045 hrs. on October 9, 1995, and that a body had been discovered. The body, later identified as that of 28 year old Patricia KIMBLE, of this address, had already been removed prior to my arrival. An inner and outer perimeter



using crime scene tape had already been established.

The residence is a single story wood frame, ranch style house that is blue in color. There is a two car garage, with cement floor and no doors, attached to the left side of the residence that is still under
construction. The victim's 1991, grey SUBARU, N.C. tag # EPL-9771 was sitting in the driveway that leads to the garage. A ladies purse was on the front passenger seat with a pager, showing (4) pages clearly visible, inside the purse. The keys were in the ignition. On the back passenger seat was a poster on top of a plastic crate with what appeared to be craft or project supplies inside. The trunk had more of these types of supplies. The residence was heavily wooded on three sides. A picnic table was sitting in the front yard. The residence sits on the left side of the road that ends in a cul-de-sac. There are no other houses on this road. A white storage building with an attached covered carport area, housing a white Bayliner boat, sits off to the right of the residence. A dirt and sandrock trail leads from the boat house down to the road. A metal gate, the latch of which lifts up to admit entrance, sits across the trail approximately mid-way between the boat house and the road. This trail bore several footprints between the boat house and the gate and several more footprints, as well as tire tracks, between the gate and the road. The road within the cul-de-sac itself had several black tire marks. The outside of the crime scene, including the residence, boat house, the vehicle, foot and tire tracks and all of the immediate surroundings were documented by this unit using the 8mm video camera. The tire tracks and footprints were also measured and photographed using the Nikon 35mm camera.

Entering the residence through the connecting garage door, which is wood and a solid piece of glass, you enter into the kitchen and dining room area. This area suffered a high level of smoke and water damage. Items of interest in this area were a pour pattern on the kitchen floor, a [clean] circular area near the back door and a set of keys that were on the floor. The room off to the right of the kitchen is the living room. This room had severe fire, smoke and water damage. The living room carpet had been peeled back from the padding and a pour pattern was evident. A couch, that faced into the living room and the back of which was to the hall, also showed a pour pattern down the front. The hallway suffered the most damage. Before my arrival a metal ladder had been placed over a gaping hole where the floor had fallen through to the crawl space underneath. This ladder enabled us to get from the living room to the other rooms along the hall. On the right side of the hall was a laundry room. The next room is a guest bedroom. It appeared to be mostly intact with some smoke and water damage. The last room on the right is another bedroom. It appeared to have been(somewhat) ransacked and also had smoke and water damage. The first room on the left off of the hall is a bathroom. It was severely burned. The last room on the left is the master bedroom with an adjoining bathroom off to the left. This bedroom appeared to have been systematically ransacked. All of the drawers were pulled out with most completely removed from the chest and bureaus. The mattress was turned over. A large square area on the wall a the head of the bed was devoid of smoke. A large mirror sat on the floor on the right side of the bed. A Glock 21 .45 caliber handgun was found on the floor at the foot of the bed near the door to the closet. It was lying partially underneath a holster. There was heavy smoke and water damage to this room. The intact remains of a medium sized white dog


were found on the the bathroom floor. The inside of the crime scene showing the layout of the house and other items of interest were videotaped and photographed by this unit and Sgt. LINDELL.
Outside on the ground, between the house and the picnic table, approximately two feet from the picnic table, two loose keys were found, and just to the left another single loose key was found. These were also documented using measurements and videotape. They were then superglued at the scene using the portable superglue gun, and dusted with black powder. No latents were found. The keys were then tested to see if they fit any of the locks at this residence with negative results. They were then tagged as evidence. The inside and the outside of the vehicle was processed using black powder and several latents were obtained. The inside of the residence, specifically the doorknob of the kitchen door, the door itself inside and outside, the area around the door inside and outside, the drawers in the master bedroom, and the mirror in the master bedroom were processed using fluorescent powder and the UV light. The latents that were raised were then photographed.

Fire Inspector, Eddie HARRIS then requested that I assist in collecting samples to the sent for analysis to determine if any accelerants were present. Numbered cones were placed by the areas to be sampled and were photographed prior to any samples being removed.

Other items collected by this unit are the GLOCK 21 handgun from the master bedroom, (1) GLOCK 21 magazine from the handgun and (11) Remington-Peters Golden Saber .45 auto cartridges from the magazine and (1) Remington-Peters Golden Saber auto cartridge from the barrel of the GLOCK 21 handgun, several hairsA both white and dark from the barrel of the Glock 21 handgun, (1) red fireeplace lighter found on the floor in the living room just to the right of the fireplace, and in the "off" position, (1) tan telephone/answering machine from the kitchen floor with [(1)] mini-cassette inside, the set of keys found on the kitchen floor, the purse and the contents from the front passenger seat of the SUBARU, contents of the glove compartment, console and console tray, and driver's side pocket of SUBARU and carpet/padding samples from various areas inside the residence. All items were documented by photographs, and or videotape, before being collected. The film has been processed, the latents have been submitted to AFIS, the Glock handgun, the cartridge from the barrel of the Glock, and two cartridges from the magazine from the GLOCK and the carpet samples have been sent to the SBI for various types of analyses and the fireplace lighter,
telephone/answering machine with cassette, set of keys from the kitchen, the keys from the front yard and the purse and all contents that were collected from the SUBARU have been logged into evidence. For a complete list of all evidence, and the dispositions of same, please see the evidence control card.

Sat Nov 25 19:41:41 EST 1995



ADid these hairs match Patricias?




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