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Report, L. A. Lindell (GCSD):  Narrative of Crime Scene

Note:  Ted's handwritten notes on the report are included as footnotes.



Guilford County Sheriff's Department
Case Log Report

1. Incident Number: 951009027

2. Identification Officer: Sgt. L. A. LINDELL

3. Requesting Officer: B. C. YARBOROUGH Crime Lab Technician

4. Type of Case: Homicide/Arson

5. Notified Time/Date: 1250hrs. / Monday /10-9-95

6. Arrival Time/Date: 0112hrs. / Tuesday / 10-10-95


7. Completion Time/Date: 0415hrs. / Wednesday / 10-11-95

8. Victim/Address: 2104 Brandon Station Ct.= Pleasant Garden, NC

9. Duties Performed:
Photographs: B&W Yes Color Yes

Latent Lifts #7
Composite: No
Handwipes: No
Crime Scene Sketch: Yes
Rape Kit: Victim transported to M.E./Chapel Hill, NC for autopsy--report pending
Other: Slide photographs

10. Narrative of Crime Scene: When I arrived at the scene I was met by Capt. J. W. CLARK and Lt. J. G. BRYANT my immediate supervisors; they advised the initial work was already completed. The call was initially dispatched to Crime Scene Technician, Brian YARBOROUGH at 2100 hrs., Monday, October 9, 1995. The case indicated there was a arson to hide the death of a white-female named Patricia




Gale KIMBLE, a white female age twenty-eight who is married to Theodore Mead KIMBLE, a white male age twenty-five. The family has no children.

The residence is located in the southern sector of Guilford County approximately nine miles in straight line with the G.C.S.D. Crime Lab at 2 S. Greene Street. Brandon Station Court is a road to the west of Highway 22 with Brandon Station Road to the east, the area has fairly new developed housing southeast of the central portion of the Pleasant Garden Community. Brandon Station Court has only one residence which the Homicide/Arson occurred. The residence is located on a hill at thee south side or left side of the court as the road bends to the right into a cul-de-sac. The residence faces twenty degrees from magnetic north and is 184 feet from the courts road edge. The house is surrounded by woods on three sides with numerous trees in the front yard. Across the road is a cleared right-of-way for the overhead power line support having latticework towers.

The ranch style house is reasonably secluded and is accessible by a gravel driveway to a cement floored two car garage that is in the final stages of construction. The garage is open at the front and is a addition to the house structure on the right or west side.

On the left side of the gravel driveway, 24'5" from the passenger side front bumper to the front edge of the cement garage floor was the victims vehicle, a 1991 gray color, four dooR Subaru. The keys were in the ignition and Patricia KIMBLE'S purse was on the forward portion of the front passenger seat. The windows of the vehicle were rolled up and the car doors were unlocked.

The only entrances to the house are the front and entrance door from the garage garage which opens to a dining area with a kitchen area extended; both are separated by a short wall partition which encompasses the refrigerator and serves as a short dividing wall to the living room on the right side of the entrance from the garage. This garage door is located at the back right corner of the garage and had pry marks at the door knob, but none at the deadbolt which was not locked. The pry marks were not deep and appeared to be a made from a half inch flat pry bar similiar to that of a dull wood chisel; there was no deep gouging. The door is a heavy wood frame construction with full length glass having a doorknob lock and a deadbolt lock above. A thin curtain covered the glass on the inside of the door and the deadbolt lock face was imprinted on the edge of the curtain as if the curtain were shut in the door.

On the dining room linoleum floor 3'3" inside from the garage entrance was a red color plastic gas can with a liquid substance in which was later determined by the S.B.I. to be gasoline of approximately one gallon in volume.

When the debris was cleaned away from the linolium flooring there was a dark brown pour pattern on the floor and carpet of the living room which extended across the sofa near the open foyer to a three foot wide hallway going down the middle of the house with rooms on each side. A little more than three feet down the hallway the floor was burned out for approximately six and a half feet. In this burnt out space the body of Patricia Gale KIMBLE was located when a fireman fell through/into the hole, a aluminum ladder was laid across the opening so




access could be gained to the other side. A washing machine that was in a laundry on the right side of the hallway fell into the same opening when the floor gave way from the weight of the machine having nothing to support it. The floor joists were completely burned away and water pressure from the fire hoses made the attic drywall and insulation fall into the hole on top of the victims body. The victim was laying face down on top of the fabricated metal heating supply duct with her upper torso slightly elevated. In order to obtain photographs of her position I went outside and gained access through the crawl space door that was already open and then gained a better position to photograph her from the underneath side.

Fire Marshall Ed Rich got in the hole and removed the refuse in layers until the body was in full view. A clean white sheet was laid out in the hole and the victim was rolled on to it face up and then the package was taken out to the garage floor and photographed in detail. The body was totally almost charred; both hands were extended above shoulder with left arm slightly higher. The back side of the left hand was cupped near the cheekbone of the face and the right arm was extended and bent upward at the elbow with the hand at head height. There was little if no hair on the head and the scalp skin had split open; what appeared to be a head wound just below ear level went from victims left to right without exiting. The upper right portion of the leg was missing along with the left foot. A thin gold color chain and pendant was around the neck and gold color rings were on the ring finger of the left hand. There was a bangle type bracelet above the right wrist. The victim was transported to Chapel Hill Medical Examiners Office by Cross Transportation for autopsy.

In proceeding down the three foot wide hall, a bathroom is on the left with a laundry closet with louvered doors directly across. Forward of he laundry closet is a small bedroom with windows at the front of the house. At the end of the hall on the right with windows at the front of the house is what appeared to be a entertainment/storage room. At the end of the hall on the left or the back right corner of the residence is the master bedroom which includes a walk-in closet and bathroom where the family dog was deceased on the floor.

In viewing the scene from the point of a initial break-and-entering with intentions of larceny it is important to note that none of the Crime Scene Technicians have responded to any calls which have resembled the mannor in which the drawers have been pulled out and placed or thrown in such a fashion. Nor have the matresses been moved with so much effort as to make it almost appear very convincing what might have occurred. Only two rooms were targeted and the value of the property for the involvement does not relate to any instances we have on file at that particular time or now.
In the master bedroom, on the floor was a semi-automatic pistol and - attached laser site approximately fifteen inches out from where the bathroom/closet wall joins; the holster was near the weapon also on the floor. Refer to Evidence Control Form and Item #15 (Weapon), #16 (Cartridges sent to S.B.I. for testing = 2), #22 (Magazine =1), #23 (Cartridges in magazine/less test cartridges =9), & #35 (Cartridge in barrel = 1). Unfired cartridges total twelve from a thirteen round capacity magazine if normally loaded.
A The S.B.I. has identified several


AIt may have had a total of only 13 in the gun



characteristics between the projectile removed from the victim and the suspected cartridge fired from Item #15 the suspected weapon. At this date a positive identification has not been made and further testing is being done.

A dark hair was removed from the suspected weapon Item #15; the hair, Item #18 was sent to the S.B.I. for comparrison and is microscopically consistant with the victims, Patricia Gale KIMBLE.
The weapon was also tested by the S.B.I. for blood analysis but no blood was detected on in the weapon.

A shell casing was never located at the crime scene, numerous hours were spent sifting through the debris/refuse with no results. The search covered the hall, hall bathroom, burnt out hole in floor to the clean dirt; many of the plastic items fused together from the heatA and would require X-ray to determine if the projectile was there. These items were not collected.

During the sifting process a knife with a eight inch blade was found in the hole, there were no signs of it being burnt. Possibly knocked on the floor by water pressure and flowed into the hole. Refer to item #30.

There was also found a portion of a brassiere in the hole that appeared to have blood on same and was collected as Evidence Item #64.


AIt was so hot in the house, the T.V. in the living room melted.




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