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Letter: Fred Crumple (represented Ted) to Ronnie Kimble, Sr.

Handwritten notes are included.


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September 23, 2002

Mr. Ronnie Lee Kimble

6318 Liberty Road
Julian, NC 27283

Dear Mr. Kimble:

This is to acknowledge receipt of your correspondence dated September 12, 2002.

The fee, which was agreed upon, in your son's case was what is termed legally a "flat fee". NO As you will recall, both of your sons were charged with First Degree Murder of the wife of Ronnie Kimble NOT by burning her to death for the purpose of obtaining insurance proceeds on her life. The State had already elected to proceed with the trial of your other son, which the State felt was the least culpable of the two and this son was convicted of first degree murder and it was my understanding that the imposition of the death penalty was a very close call.

As you will remember, the defense of this case involved two attorneys, because of its seriousness. Each attorney, myself and Mr. Zimmerman had many years of experience. My experience was as a successful defense lawyer who had tried many capital cases through the years. Mr. Zimmerman1 had, for many years, successfully prosecuted capital cases and, in addition, had the experience gained as a Superior Court Judge.  The fee which each of us charged you was certainly a reasonable fee and was an amount which is often exceeded when the Court appoints attorneys who are not attorneys of the defendant's choice. To compound this matter, you will recall that pending trial a plot was uncovered and your son Ronnie2 was accused of, among other things, conspiring to murder the trial judge, the assistant district attorney trying the case, the investigative detective and other persons involved in the trial and the District Attorney had hand-written notes to the inmate who was to accompany him in this plan, which was a viable and well conceived plan. With all of this pending and without charging an additional fee for the last offenses enumerated, Mr. Zimmerman and I were able to negotiate plea of guilty to second degree murder.3 I am proud of the result in this case considering the facts involved and I believe that eve experienced, disinterested defense lawyer will advise you that your son was well represented.

I do not keep a record of time spent in a capital as this and o o now of any other trial lawyer who does, except for Court appointed attorneys who are required to keep a time ledger since they are being paid by the State

1 he never worked on the case.  Went to see Ted one time.  Did not say anything during the trial. Was later charged with having sex with one of his clients. 

2 Not true

3 Not true, first

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In concluding, I do not normally enter into a written contract in a criminal case which involves a flat fee.1


If I can be of further assistance to you in this matter, please advise.


Sincerely yours,



Fred G. Crumpler, Jr.



1 A contract was signed




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