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Report, T. C. Childrey (SBI):  Interview, Justin Lee Dobesh

Ted Kimble's handwritten notes are included as footnotes.


SBI CASE: 1995-03251
ACTIVITY: March 6, 1997
VICTIM: Patricia Gail Kimble
DICTATED: March 10, 1997
RECEIVED: March 11, 1997
TYPED: March 12, 1997
COPIES: (1) Records; (2) Criminal Specialist T. C. Childrey; (3) SAC J. M. Burns; (4) SA H. G. Pendergrass; (5) District Attorney H. M. Kimel, Jr.

Justin Lee Dobesh, W/M/19/DOB: 04/22/77; Residence: HP245, Room #221, Camp Lejeune, North Carolina 28540, Telephone: 910-451-30006; Business: Lance Corporal, United States Marine Corps, Infantry Division, Camp Lejeune, North Carolina 28540, Telephone: 910-451-3006; (Witness):

Lance Corporal Dobesh was interviewed at the Naval Criminal Investigative Service conference room on Thursday, March 6, 1997, by SA H. G. Pendergrass, Naval Criminal Investigative Service Agents Sam Worth and Gregory Monroe, and Criminal Specialist T. C. Childrey from 9:10 a.m. until 12:40 p.m. Dobesh was informed that agents were seeking information about his (Dobesh's) association with Ronnie Kimble. Dobesh then gave the following statement:

From April 1995 until October 1995, he (Dobesh) had worked at the Chaplin's office with Ronnie Kimble and that on Friday, October 6, 1995, at approximately 1:30 p.m., after getting fast food to go at the Marine Corps chow hall, he (Dobesh) and Ronnie Kimble departed Jacksonville in his (Dobesh's) 1991 Ford Ranger, dark gray in color with a chrome toolbox on the back, en route to Ronnie's house in Greensboro, North Carolina. Further, they spent the night at Ronnie's trailer and on Saturday morning he and Ronnie cleaned up the front yard and ate at the trailer. He (Dobesh) thinks this was the week that Ronnie's wife was having surgery and she was not at home. On Sunday, he and Ronnie went to Ronnie's father's church and they sat with a girl by the name of Sherrie (LNU) who is a friend of Ronnie's. Dobesh stated he does not know her last name but remembered she lived on Chippendale Street in Greensboro because he (Dobesh) thought that was a weird name for a street.

On Monday, October 9, 1995, they got up at approximately 7 a.m., and got something to eat, and he (Dobesh) took a shower and put on some work clothes, consisting of blue jeans and a flannel shirt. They then left Ronnie's trailer in either Ronnie's white

This nut has the dates wrong!  I couldn't point the guy out but I remember loaning my trailer to Ronnie and a friend one time.  This was the week before 10/9/95 or further back.

Daytona vehicle or Ronnie's wife's blue Camaro and went to Ronnie's brother's place of business which is a building supply business.

The purpose of this was to talk to Ronnie's brother, Ted, about using Ted's truck or Suburban and the two-wheel trailer. The discussion was then about the trailer hitch-on the trailer and if was a 2 1/2" or 2" and Dobesh informed them that the trailer ball on his (Dobesh's) truck was either 2 1/2" or 2" and they then decided to go back to Ronnie's house and get Dobesh's truck and go to Ted's house and get the trailer and if this did not work, return to Ted's business and get Ted's truck.

They then departed the business and went back to Ronnie's and ate lunch and got Dobesh's truck and went to Ted's house and found the trailer sitting in the front yard off to the side of the garage. Ronnie hooked up the trailer and they had some difficulty hooking up the safety chains and this took about ten minutes.

Ronnie then told him (Dobesh) that he wanted to drive, because if they screwed up the trailer, he (Ronnie) would take the blame. They then went to Greensboro and stopped at a place of business and purchased gas and this was a location where Ted had an account and they got $5 to $10 worth of gas and Ronnie kept the receipt and said that he (Ronnie) would pay Ted back the next time he worked for Ted.

Once this was completed, they went to Lowe's hardware not too far from where Ted works to look for some underpinning for Ronnie's trailer. After they had looked around for 15 to 30 minutes, and because Lowe's did not have any underpinning, Ronnie was upset. They departed this location and went a short distance to another place close by that Lowe's had which sells to the contractors and he (Dobesh) does not think they purchased any underpinning there either.

Dobesh was not sure if they stopped by Ted's or if Ronnie just said he was going to tell Ted to go ahead and get the underpinning for him.

The trailer was taken to Ronnie's trailer and he (Dobesh) left Greensboro to return to the Marine base at approximately 6 p.m., because Ronnie did not have to be back until later.

Further, on Tuesday, October 10, 1995, he (Dobesh) went to work and was expecting Ronnie to be there and somebody told him that Ronnie's sister-in-law was dead and that Ronnie was going to stay in Greensboro and would not be back until later on.

Dobesh stated he did not call Ronnie because he (Dobesh) had had deaths in his family before and did not like people bothering him.

Later, the exact time unknown, Ronnie returned to the base and informed Dobesh that his sister-in--law had been shot in the head and the house burned down while Ted was at work and it looked like to him (Ronnie) that someone was robbing the house and that she came home and got in the middle of it.

The part about the death was what Ronnie had gotten from the police and Ronnie was real real depressed about this. Ronnie said that this happened on a Monday, and he (Ronnie) was real confused about what was right or wrong, because if he (Ronnie) found out who had done it, he did not know whether he would tell the police or turn them into the police or if he would just kill person himself.

It was during this interview that Dobesh was asked if he would be willing to take a polygraph examination and he said that he would be willing to do this but would need a ride to the SBI office and that he would gladly ride with Naval Investigative Service agents, Worth and Monroe, since they were going to stop first at McDonald's and get food for him (Dobesh) and the other investigators.

Dobesh was transported to the Jacksonville SBI office where he ate his food and a polygraphA examination was administered by SA Walter L. House.



Awhere is the rest of the report?  I'd like to hear the end of this story.




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