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Report, G. Gregory Munroe (NCIS):  Interview, Justin Dobesh



CCN: 30OCT95-LELE-0057-7HRR


On 07Mar97, Detective Jim CHURCH, Guilford County Sheriff's Department (GCSD), Greensboro, NC, contacted reporting agent regarding the 06Mar97 interview of LCpl Justin L. DOBESH USMC at NCISFO Camp Lejeune, NC (CLNC). Det CHURCH requested polaroid photographs of LCpI DOBESH be obtained. In addition, Det CHURCH asked that LCpI DOBESH examine a map of the area of Guilford County where he visited the home of Cpl Ronnie Lee KIMBLE in Oct95. Det CHURCH wanted LCpl DOBESH to attempt to describe on the map where a civilian friend of KIMBLE's lived. As background, on 06Mar97, LCpl DOBESH indicated this particular civilian friend of .Cpl KIMBLE had a haircut resembling that of a Marine.

At 0750, 11Mar97, LCpl DOBESH arrived at NCISFO CLNC. Reporting agent took two polaroid photographs of DOBESH. These photograph will be maintained in the NCIS case file until they are eventually provided to Det CHURCH for inclusion in his case file.

LCpl DOBESH then viewed a map depicting the area of Guilford County where Cpl KIMBLE owns a home. LCpl DOBESH explained the route to the residence where Cpl KIMBLE's friend lived as follows:

Make a right turn out of Cpl KIMBLE's driveway onto Monnett Road. Take Monnett Road a short distance until you come to the intersection of Monnett Road and the road which Cpl KIMBLE's in-laws live on. Make a right turn onto the road which Cpl KIMBLE's in-laws live on. Go a short distance on that road, and Cpl KIMBLE's in-laws' house will be on the left side. The house where Cpl KIMBLE's friend lives is on the left side of that road, near KIMBLE's in-laws house.

LCpl DOBESH added there are approximately three houses in the area where KIMBLE's in-laws live. He did not recall if the friend's house was before the in-laws' house or after it. LCpl DOBESH described the friend's house as the smallest of the three houses in that area. He noted the house is a split level, brick residence. LCpl DOBESH indicated the bricks on the house were of different colors, as opposed to being all red, or all brown bricks. LCpl DOBESH recalled the driveway crossed over a drainage ditch in the front yard. Facing the house, LCpl DOBESH advised the driveway was on the right side of the house. LCpl DOBESH noted the house appeared to have been fairly new in the fall of 1995. LCpl DOBESH recalled the front yard at the house was open and clear of many trees, and it also appeared to have been recently sodded.

LCpl DOBESH provided no additional information pertinent to this investigation during this interview.





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