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Report, ADA Richard Panosh:  Interview, Justin Lee Dobesh


Interview with Lance Cpl. Justin Lee Dobesh

United States Marine Corps
May 13, 1998

The interview was conducted at the Naval Intelligence office of Samuel Worth at 1250 pm, the witness was interviewed separately and jointly by Richard E. Panosh, Assistant District Attorney and S.A. Pendergrass and Det. Church. The following is a summary of the statements made by Dobesh in trial preparation and is not intended to be a verbatim transcript:

Lance Cpl. Dobesh stated he joined the Marine Corps approximately four years ago, 1994 and that he was from Omaha Nebraska. He had dropped out of high school and then went to technical school for a period of time. He then joined the USMC in August of 1994 and an infantryman assigned to a recognizance unit. Dobesh said that he had a girlfriend for a short while who was also a marine and also from Omaha, Nebraska. Dobesh said he met Ronnie Kimble in the chaplain's office. He was assigned there temporarily after having an ankle injury that prevented him from doing his regular duties. Dobesh described Ronnie Kimble as a good ole boy and became friends with him very shortly after being assigned to the chaplain's office. They were in the same barracks and would go swimming, do physical training and go out to eat together. He does not recall going out with Kimble on dates. He recalls that most of the time Ronnie had a Dodge Daytona and that he had a Ford Ranger truck. He also remembers occasions when Ronnie would bring his wife's Camaro to the base, mostly to be worked on. He remembers that during this time Kimble sold one vehicle and purchased another. He considered Ronnie Kimble his best friend. Dobesh added that he had visited Kimble's home on three or four occasions and had met his wife and his brother, Theodore Mead Kimble. He also remebers meeting Patricia Kimble one time. He said that he attended church with Ronnie Lee Kimble and remembered helping Ronnie cleaning up around his mobile home by picking up sticks and debris from around the mobile home.

Dobesh recalls the first visit to Greensboro. He remembers meeting his wife and staying at Ronnie's trailer. He remembered meeting Ronnie's mother and father. He recalled that Ronnie's father was the pastor at the church they attended when he visited with Ronnie. He met a girl named Sherri from Ronnie's church and dated her 2 or 3 times. He remembers going to her place one time and going to the movies one time. He does not recall her full name, but he has it written down with her phone number in his room. The first visit is when he helped with the tree limbs and clean up. It looked like the stuff had been there a while and he helped by pulling a stump out with his truck.

The next couple of times he went to Greensboro, NC he does not recall any particular work they did, he just went there to hang out. One of these times he went with Ronnie to Ted's lumberyard and helped out. They were moving some boards around the lumberyard. On one occasion they did not do much because Kim was in the hospital for some sort of surgery.

Dobesh said the last time he visited Ronnie Kimbles house was on a 96 hour liberty pass and that he was there on Monday October 9, 1995. Dobesh recalled that of the three or four times he was there, he had only one 3 day visit and it was on the Monday October 9, 1995, which is a federal holiday. He said he was only in Greensboro on one Monday. He left Greensboro early on Monday, to return to camp early because he had to be back to set up the chapel for a service to be held on the evening of October 9, 1995.

Dobesh said Ronnie had left Camp Lejuene on Friday October 6, 1995 earlier than he did and that
he followed later that afternoon in Greensboro driving his Ford Ranger pickup truck. He said that the reason he stayed later was to take care of some stuff, he remembered he needed to pay his insurance. When he got to Greensboro, Dobesh remembered working around Ronnie's mobile home in the yard on Saturday October 7, 1995.

Dobesh was not sure if they went to church services on that last visit. He also remembered going to Ted and Patricia Kimbles house on that Saturday evening to borrow a board game. He remembered Ronnie's wife Kim going in Patricias house to get the board game and Ted being in the garage where Ted and Ronnie talked until Kim came out without the board game and they left.

On Monday, Ronnie's wife got up and went to work. Dobesh remember going with Ronnie on Monday morning to buy underpinning for his mobile home. He was going to help Ronnie put the underpinning on while his wife was at work. It must have been that day that they went to get the trailer at Ted's house to haul the underpinning. Dobesh remembers the details of hooking the trailer to his truck, going to Ted's lumberyard and then going to get the underpinning. Dobesh does not recall the name of the place, he said it was a big building supply and hardware place. When asked if it was Lowe's, he said he could not recall the name of the place but it was big. Then he recalls going to a second store. When they were done, they did not return the trailer to Ted's house, they took it to Ted's lumberyard. After that they went back to Ronnie's trailer and Dobesh had to leave early. Dobesh is not sure what time he left Greensboro but he had to be back in time to set up the 7:00 pm services for the Men's Club meeting, so he probably left around 2:00 pm.

Dobesh remembers his prior interviews with the Naval Intelligence officers and the Guilford County Sheriffs Department. He recalls that on one of the first interviews, investigator Worth took his picture. Dobesh was read his prior statement to S. A. Childrey from March 6, 1997 and indicated that at that time he remembered more accurately what had they had done on October 9,1995. Nothing in the interview of March 6, 1997 was a lie.

Dobesh specifically remembers going to buy gas with Ronnie. He said the place was a small gas station, kind of old fashion or small town. Ronnie put gas in the truck and did not have to pay for it. He thought it was weird that a person could do that and Ronnie said he had gone inside and told them to put the gas on his brother's account. He probably said he would pay his brother back.

On Tuesday October 10, 1995 Dobesh remembered that he went over to Ronnie Kimbles workplace at Camp Lejeune and asked for him so they could go to lunch together. Dobesh said that's when he was told that Ronnie was not there and that Ronnie's sister-in-law had been killed.

On Thursday, Ronnie came to Dobesh's room and told him what happened about his sister in law being killed. He said that the police told Ronnie what happened, that she had been shot and the house burned down. He acted real shook up.

Dobesh said he never talked to Ronnie Kimble about the death of his sister-in-law again. Dobesh said he did remember Ronnie Kimble telling him that he wished the police would get off his back and let him alone.

Dobesh recalls driving Ronnie's Chevrolet Camero. Dobesh said that he did drive the Camero once or twice and he thought he had driven it to the store to get cigarettes one time. When asked if he drove the camero on Monday October 9,1995, Dobesh said he thought he might have driven it that day and that he thought he might have driven it to the lumber yard that Ted Kimble owns.

Dobesh was asked about going to the plasma center in Jacksonville and selling blood and why he or Ronnie Kimble did this. Dobesh replied that they received money for this and money was tight and extra money was nice to have. There was a period of time when he could not donate because of his tatoos and he just went with Ronnie.

The interview was concluded at 1540 hrs.




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