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Report, Harold G. Pendergrass (SBI):  Interview, Tammy Dorsey


Tammy Dorsey was interviewed on March 4, 1997, at the Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) Office, H-32, Julian C. Smith Boulevard, Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, beginning at 11:05 a.m., by SA H. G. Pendergrass, Guilford County Sheriff's Department Detective J. D. Church, and NCIS SA Samuel G. Worth.

Seaman Dorsey is currently assigned to the USMC base Chaplain's office located at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, and was interviewed for this purpose.

Dorsey stated she is currently assigned to the Protestant Chapel of the base Chaplain's office located at the Marine Corps Base, Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. Dorsey stated she holds the rank of seaman. In January 1997, Dorsey stated she was located at the Chaplain's office and while preparing the altar, overheard Corporal Ronnie Kimble speaking to Chaplain Andrew Wade. On this occasion, seaman Dorsey stated she overheard Kimble tell Chaplain Wade that he (Kimble) was under investigation by authorities for his sister-in-law's murder. Dorsey went on to say that she also heard Kimble tell Chaplain Wade that Kimble's brother (name unknown) was mad at Ronnie and that the law enforcement officers investigating the case were harassing Kimble and his wife. Dorsey related she further heard Kimble telling Chaplain Wade that the police had someone who had seen Kimble's car near the murder scene on the date of his sister-in-law's death. When asked, Dorsey stated she believes Kimble was. just making Chaplain Wade aware of his (Kimble's) situation and to determine what Kimble should so about his perceived harassment by law enforcement.

Within the recent past, Dorsey stated she was located at the base Chaplain's office and recalls receiving a call from a female individual who identified herself as Ronnie Kimble's wife (name unknown). Dorsey recalls Kimble's wife was quite upset and crying. Dorsey advised that Ronnie was not presently at the


Chaplain's office and was subsequently requested by Kimble's wife to have Ronnie contact his wife as soon as possible. As requested, Dorsey stated she forwarded the message to Ronnie Kimble who told Dorsey that Kimble and his wife were both being harassed by the police regarding the death of his sister-in-law although Kimble had already spoken to investigators..

In December 1996, Dorsey stated she spoke to a Lance Corporal West, who once roomed with Kimble while stationed at the Camp Lejeune Marine Corps base. According to Dorsey, West told her that Kimble was a suspect in the death of his sister-in-law. Dorsey related that West and Kimble did not get along and once heard West referring to Kimble as an "asshole" and was not fit to be a Marine because of Kimble's constant procrastination. At some point while West was still on active duty and stationed at the MCB, Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, Dorsey stated West warned her that Kimble was a "racist" and that Dorsey should be careful around. Kimble. Dorsey stated and recalls hearing Kimble making disparaging remarks about females in general. Dorsey stated she did not engage Kimble in conversation much at all.

When asked, Dorsey stated she believes Kimble has very few friends in the Chaplain's office because of his personality. Dorsey stated Kimble does associate with Marine PFC Deziadaszek. Dorsey stated Deziadaszek is from the Buffalo, New York area and has only been assigned to the base Chaplain's office for a short time. When asked, Dorsey stated she would be willing to cooperate and forward any additional information she may learn regarding this matter to investigators.

The interview with Tammy Dorsey was concluded at approximately 12 noon on. March 4, 1997.





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