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Report, Harold Pendergrass (SBI):  Interview, Joy Dyer


Dyer is a former girlfriend of Ronnie Lee Kimble, white male, brother-in-law of victim Patricia Kimble, and was interviewed for this purpose.

Dyer stated she currently resides with her parents at their 7016 Hemphill Road, Julian, North Carolina, residence, telephone number 910-685-4425, after having separated from her husband, William Henry Dyer, white male, approximately one month ago. Dyer stated she and her husband both have one small female child. Dyer stated she has finished high school and has completed two years at Guilford Technical and Community College (GTCC) in the medical assistant program. Dyer stated she is currently unemployed, due to a recent car wreck involving Dyer's twin sister Faith who died as a result.

In the spring of 1991 while attending Vandalia Christian School, Dyer stated she began dating Ronnie Kimble, who was also a student (junior) a Southeast High School. During their courtship, Dyer stated she became pregnant by Kimble. At some point after making Ronnie Kimble aware of the pregnancy, Dyer stated she was picked up at her parents' residence, 7016 Hemphill Road, Julian, North Carolina, by Kimble and taken to the residence of Patricia Blakley, white female, located at 2410 Brandon Station Court, Pleasant Garden, North Carolina, where they were met by Ronnie Kimble's older brother Ted. According to Dyer, Patricia Blakley and Ted Kimble, white male, were both dating at that time and later married.

Once at the Brandon Station Court location Dyer stated she was approached by Ted Kimble, who began to question the validity of Dyer being pregnant. Dyer stated she assured Ted that she

was pregnant, but Ted insisted that Dyer accompany, him to the PharMoor Pharmacy on High Point Road in Greensboro, North Carolina, where Dyer purchased an early pregnancy test (EPT), which was subsequently utilized for verification. While at the PharMoor Pharmacy, Dyer stated she entered the ladies room and after utilizing the early pregnancy test kit, obtained a positive reading that she was, in fact, pregnant. Once she had verified the test results, Dyer stated she left the ladies room to notify Ted and show him the results.

After this, Dyer stated she was then told by Ted that Dyer could not possibly have the baby because Dyer and Ronnie were not married. Dyer stated she was further told by Ted Kimble that Ronnie did not have a good job needed to support Dyer and the baby. Dyer stated Ted Kimble began insisting that she have the abortion, which upset Dyer. When asked, Dyer stated she was never physically threatened by Ted or Ronnie Kimble to have the abortion. Following the confrontation with Ted Kimble regarding the abortion issue, Dyer stated she had decided to have the baby but reconsidered, after being confronted by Ronnie Kimble, who was also insistent that Dyer should have the abortion.

According to Dyer, sometime in the spring (May) of 1991, Ronnie Kimble came to her parents' residence, picked Dyer up, and proceeded to a High Point abortion clinic (unable to recall the exact location or name of the particular abortion clinic), where she had the abortion. Dyer stated she did not pay for the abortion but believes Ronnie Kimble did. After completing the abortion, Dyer stated she was driven back home by Ronnie Kimble and dropped off. Following this, Dyer stated she dressed and drove herself to school, where she received an award as part of the softball team. Shortly after having the abortion, Dyer stated she broke up with Ronnie Kimble, after having dated him for approximately three years.

During the entire time she dated Ronnie Kimble, Dyer stated Ronnie Kimble was overly "possessive." Dyer stated Ronnie Kimble constantly questioned who Dyer was seeing and associating with and never allowed Dyer to be in the company of other male or female friends. Prior to dating Ronnie Kimble, Dyer stated she dated Ted Kimble off and on.

Dyer stated and recalls on one occasion while dating Ronnie Kimble, she was at her place of employment, Mayflower Seafood Restaurant in Greensboro, North Carolina, when Ronnie Kimble came to the above restaurant, wanting to see and speak with Dyer. Dyer stated she refused to leave the restaurant to speak with Ronnie Kimble and while standing at the door, she observed


Ronnie Kimble pointing a rifle at her. During their relationship, Dyer stated she was always frightened of Ronnie Kimble. Dyer stated Ronnie Kimble was also prejudiced against blacks ad recalls on one occasion when Ronnie Kimble observed some young black males (approximately 12 years of age) walking on High Point Road in Greensboro, North Carolina, when he told Dyer to "Raise up, I'm going to get my gun, " because Ronnie Kimble thought the young black males might throw some rocks at his truck. After this, Dyer stated Ronnie Kimble turned his truck around and began driving in the direction of the young black males.

When asked, Dyer stated Ronnie Kimble has always been dominated by his older brother Ted. According to Dyer, Ronnie would drop whatever he was doing whenever Ted called. On a past occasion and while at Ted and Ronnie Kimble's residence, Dyer stated she recalls Ted and Ronnie talking about "staging" a vehicle wreck to collect the insurance proceeds. Prior to her involvement with Ronnie Kimble, Dyer stated she recalls being told by Ronnie Kimble that he and Ted Kimble had, in fact, staged a vehicle accident. As part of the scheme, Ted broke Ronnie's nose to appear as though Ronnie sustained the broken nose during the accident. As a result of the "staged" accident, Dyer stated she was told by Ronnie that he was provided with part of the insurance money by Ted.
Following this and during her relationship with Ronnie Kimble, Dyer stated she was blamed by Ted Kimble for the destruction of his blue Isuzu truck, which Dyer denied. Dyer stated and recalls the truck was, in fact, damaged by Ted, who utilized a key to make a large scratch mark down the side of the truck. Dyer stated Ted Kimble subsequently submitted a claim for the damage to his Isuzu truck and "pocketed" the insurance proceeds. Dyer stated she also recalls Ted Kimble purposely destroying a radio amplifier contained in his personal vehicle in order to obtain a new one. Dyer explained that the warranty for the amplifier had expired and that Ted Kimble was unable to get his money back. According to Dyer, the Kimble family is very materialistic. When asked, Dyer stated she has not seen Ronnie Kimble since her marriage to Henry Dyer. Dyer stated that she would not be surprised to learn that Ted and Ronnie were involved in Patricia Kimble's death. Based on Ronnie Kimble's training in the Marine Corps, Dyer stated Ronnie Kimble was capable of committing Patricia's death. When asked, Dyer stated for a profit, Ted Kimble would be able to talk his brother Ronnie into conspiring with him (Ted) to kill Patricia Kimble because both are "money driven" and "schemers." According to Dyer, Ronnie Kimble never mentioned his childhood, but she does

recall that on a past occasion he told Dyer that he felt his mother liked Ted more than him (Ronnie). Dyer further related Ronnie Kimble's mother Edna did not seem to care for Dyer very much and recalls on one occasion in the past being referred to as a "bitch" by Edna Kimble.

The interview with Joy Dyer was concluded at approximately 2 p.m. on July 31, 1996.






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