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Report, T. C. Childrey (SBI):  Interview, James Dziadaszek


United States Marine Corps PFC Dziadaszek was interviewed in an office of the Naval Criminal Investigative Services at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina 28547, on Tuesday, March 4, 1997, by NCIS Investigator G. Gregory Munroe, Guilford County Detective Chad F. Sibert, and Criminal Specialist T. C. Childrey from 12:20 p.m. to 1:30 p.m.

PFC Dziadaszek was interviewed reference any information he might have pertaining to Ronnie Lee Kimble, a member of the United States Marine Corps assigned to the Chaplain's Office at Camp Lejeune.

Mr. Dziadaszek gave the following statement:

That he, Dziadaszek, met Ronnie Kimble on December 17 or December 21, 1996, at the base Chaplain's Office, and one weekend Ronnie Kimble asked him, Dziadaszek, if he would be able to accompany him, Kimble, to Greensboro because he, Kimble, was having a hard time staying awake due to a sleeping disorder.

It was during this time that he, Dziadaszek, met Shelli Wilson, white female, 19, a sophomore at UNCG who lives with Ronnie Kimble's wife during the week.

Further, that he had been to Greensboro six times, twice with Kimble and four times he drove himself to see Shelli Wilson. During these trips, Ronnie introduced him, Dziadaszek, to Ted, Ronnie's brother, and this meeting took place at the business of Ted and it only lasted a few minutes. At no time did Ronnie talk to him, Dziadaszek, about the death of his sister-in-law nor did he take him to the scene of the death.



Mr. Dziadaszek also related that Ronnie had told him that on the day of the death of his sister-in-law that he, Ronnie, had been at a construction job and had to drive his brother's, Ted's, truck and that Ronnie had purchased some gasoline for the truck, and that he, Ronnie, had carried the truck back to Ronnie's house about 4 p.m. and picked up his Camaro and left.

Ronnie had also related to Dziadaszek that Detective Church had blown up the gas receipt, and that the receipt is for gas put in the truck and nothing else. He, Ronnie, also was told by Detective Church that a lady had identified him as being the driver of a Camaro which was located down the street from where the house was located where the murder took place on the date but the time was at 6:20 p.m.

Dziadaszek also related that Ronnie gets upset about questions being asked about him and not the fact that his sister-in-law was killed. Ronnie has never admitted or denied the murder of his sister-in-law and that he, Dziadaszek, does not think Ronnie could have committed the crime.

Further, that Ronnie gets along with people even though he gets on your nerves once in a while. Ronnie has a financial problem and has, along with he, Dziadaszek, collected aluminum cans, brass from the range, and sold plasma from their blood to raise money.





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