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Report, C. F. Sibert (GCSD): Interview, James Dziadaszek


Guilford County Sheriff's Department
Supplemental Report
1. Incident Number:951009027
2. Victim's Name:Patricia Gail Kimble
3. Day/Date/Time of Report:Thu Mar 6 10:41:52 EST 1997

4. Narrative:The following is reference an interview with PFC James Allen Dziadaszek II, conducted on March 4, 1997, between 1220 and 1330. The interview took place at the office of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service at Camp Lejeune. Also present and participating in the interview were North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation Agent Tom Childrey and Naval Criminal Investigation Services Special Agent Greg Munroe.

Private First Class Dziadaszek (I/M DOB 10-7-76) is assigned to the Chaplain's office. He has been in the Marine Corps since August of 1995, has been at Camp Lejeune since November of 1995 and has been assigned to the Chaplain's office since December of 1996.

Dziadaszek intially avoided decsribing his friendship with Ronnie Kimble, but reluctantly admitted that on at least two occasions he had accompanied Kimble to Greensboro. He said that his girlfriend is a Sherry Wilson, who is a student at UNCG, and that she stays with Ronnie Kimble's wife during the week. He also said that he has been to Greensboro on other occasions with a Marine named Brad Hood.

He said that he and Kimble sell blood plasma twice a week, that they collect drink cans at work and sell them, and that he and Ronnie have collected spent brass of a military gun range and have sold it off base to a scrap yard (he said they spent two hours collecting brass and recieved $120.00 from the scrap yard).

He said that Ronnie Kimble is agitated about the investigation and that every time Church contacts his wife or her parents, Ronnie talks about the case. He said that Ronnie is upset about a gas receipt for gas he put in his brother's truck. Dziadaszek said that Ronnie believes Chruch misconstrued or misunderstood the receipt, that it did not indicate the gas was for the truck, as opposed to being for the truck.

Kimble also told Dziadaszek that some lady had identified him as being near Ted's house at twenty minutes after six on the day of the murder, Kimble told him that the lady was wrong.

Dziadaszek said that Kimble told him the last time he was at Ted's house was at 4:00 in the afternoon the day of the murder. He told Dziadaszek that he dropped off Ted's truck and picked up his Camaro.
Dziadaszek said that Ronnie Kimble has never admitted to or denied being


involved in the death of Patricia Kimble.

Dziadaszek said that Kimble "saved" him from becoming an alcholic and and got him going to chruch again. He does not feel Kimble is capable of being involved in the murder. He did admit that Kimble could be difficult at times, could be persistent with his demands and that he could rub people the wrong way.

5. Reporting Officer/Assignment:C.F. Sibert/CID





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