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Report, T. C. Childrey (SBI): Interview, James Dziadaszek


United States Marine Corp PFC James Allen Dziadaszek, was interviewed in an office at the Naval Criminal Investigative Service in Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, on Wednesday, March 5, 1997, by Naval Criminal Investigative Service Investigator Gregory Monroe, Guilford County Detective Chad F. Sibert, and Criminal Specialist T. C. Childrey from 10:12 p.m. until 1:25 p.m.

Dziadaszek was interviewed reference any discussions he might have had with Ronnie Lee Kimble since Dziadaszek being interviewed on Tuesday, March 4, 1997. Dziadaszek gave the following statement:

On Tuesday, March 4, 1997, he, Dziadaszek, met Ronnie Kimble and they rode to the chow hall in Ronnie's truck and once they got to the chow hall they went through the fast food line and they were going to take the food back to Ronnie's room to eat but Ronnie suggested that they just sit in Ronnie's truck and eat at the parking lot.

Ronnie was told by Dziadaszek that the interview was conducted by two police officers from Greensboro and an Naval Investigative Service agent. Further, that he, Dziadaszek, told Ronnie that he had told the officers how Ronnie had said that he (Ronnie) had taken Ted's truck back to Ted's house at 4 p.m., and that a lady had identified Ronnie at 6:20 p.m., near the house during the neighborhood canvass.

Ronnie then asked Dziadaszek if he (Dziadaszek) was trying to get him (Ronnie) convicted because he (Ronnie) had taken the truck back to Ted's business and that the lady had seen him (Ronnie) by the business at 6:20 p.m. Dziadaszek then told


Ronnie that was the way he had remembered Ronnie telling him that before.

Dziadaszek stated that he and Ronnie then went to NAPA to sell plasma and that Ronnie did not say anything else about it and they got back to the base about 8:3Q p.m., and they went to the Protestant Chapel and played games, Mind Sweep and Solitaire, on the computer and at approximately 9 p.m., they went back to the barracks and Ronnie went to his room and he (Dziadaszek) went to his.

Dziadaszek further stated that on Wednesday, March 5, 1997, at approximately 7:45 a.m., before the quarterly training seminar, he (Dziadaszek) had seen Ronnie, and during one of the breaks, he (Dziadaszek) went to the store and got a Mountain Dew and some Kodiak snuff. During the second break, he (Dziadaszek) observed Ronnie sleeping. Upon completion of the training, he (Dziadaszek) went back to the base Chaplain's office and was told to go see RPI Cato and she, Cato, told Dziadaszek to get some lunch and gave Dziadaszek Agent Monroe's phone number and was told to call Agent Monroe.

Dziadaszek then got something to eat at the chow hall and called Agent Monroe. Dziadaszek later told Ronnie that he had to call Agent Monroe and Ronnie did not say anything except, "I'll see you after work."





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