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Report, C. F. Sibert (GCSD): Interview, James Dziadaszek


Guilford County Sheriff's Department
Supplemental Report

1. Incident Number:951009027
2. Victim's Name:Patricia Gail Kimble
3. Day/Date/Time of Report:Thu Mar 6 11:43:05 EST 1997

4. Narrative:The following is reference a follow-up interview conducted with James Allen Dziadaszek on March 5, 1997, between 1012 and 1105 hours. The interview took place at the office of the Naval Criminal Investigation Service at Camp Lejeune. Also present and participating in the interview were North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation Agent Tom Childrey and Naval Criminal Investigation Service Special Agent Greg Munroe.

Dziadaszek denied that he had contacted Ronnie Kimble on March 4, 1997 to advise him that Kimble's co-workers were being interviewed by NIS. He stated that he had a pager number for Kimble, but that he never uses it.

Dziadaszek said that he saw Kimble after work on March 4, at about 1630. They went to the messhall together, intending to pick up some food and take it back to Kimble's room to eat. However, Dziadaszek said that they got the food and went out to Ronnie's truck, where they ended up eating and talking while sitting in the truck.


Dziadaszek said that Kimble did not ask him about being interviewed. Dziadaszek said that he felt an obligation to inform Kimble of what happened and that when he told Kimble about telling the investigators that Kimble had told him he was at Ted's house at 1600 hours on the day of the murder, Kimble raised his voice and said "What are you trying to do? Get me convicted?". Dziadaszek said that Kimble said that he had told Dziadaszek that he had dropped off Ted's truck at 1600, at the business, not at the house, and that a lady had identified him as being near the business at 1820. Dziadaszek said that he recalls Kimble telling him that he dropped the truck off at Ted's house and that the Lady saw Ronnie near the house.

Dziadaszek said that Kimble calmed back down and didn't mention it any further. He said that he has also told Ronnie that two police officers from Greensboro and an NIS agent had interviewed him.

Dziadaszek said that after eating, he and Kimble went to NABI on Western Blvd. in Jacksonville to sell plasma. He said they went back to the barracks at about 2030, then went by the Protesant Chapel where they played computer games. Dziadaszek said that at about 2100, they went back to the barracks and went to their sepparate rooms.

Dziadaszek said that he saw Kimble the next morning at 0745 before going



with him to Battalion Quarterly Training. He said that both he and Kimble slept during most of the lectures and that Kimble slept through one of the breaks. Dziadaszek said that after he went back to the office after training, Cato told him to call Agent Munroe after lunch.

Dziadaszek said that he ate lunch with Ronnie Kimble and that he told Kimble that he was supposed to call Munroe. Dziadaszek said that Kimble had no reaction to this.

Dziadaszek told me that Kimble was upset with Detective Church because Church had "done a 180" on him after Kimble decided not to take a polygraph.

5. Reporting Officer/Assignment:C.F. Sibert/CID






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