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Report, C. F. Sibert (GCSD): Interview, Mary Ann Gomez

Guilford County Sheriff's Department
Supplemental Report

1. Incident Number: 951009027
3. Day/Date/Time of Report: Thu Mar 6 09:05:19 EST 1997

4. Narrative:The following is reference an interview conducted on March 4, 1997, between 1004 and 1044, with Seaman (E-3) Mary Ann Gomez (H/F, DOB 10-30-73) of 1611 Robinson Drive in Jacksonville. The interview took place on Camp Lejeune, at the office of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service. Also present and participating in the interview were North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation Agent Tom Childrey and Naval Criminal Investigation Service Special Agent Greg Munroe.

Seaman Gomez is currently assigned as a Religious Program Specialist (Chaplain's Assistant) and has been in the Navy for a little over three years, most of which she has spent working as a Chaplain's Assistant. She stated that she has known Ronnie Kimble since he was assigned to the Chaplain's office, for approximately two years.

She said that the death of Kimble's sister-in-law is common knowledge around the office and that Ronnie Kimble has spoken two her about the death on multiple occasions. She described Kimble as "sad" about the death and said that he has expressed "annoyance" at being questioned and
[unreadable word] the ongoing investigation. While she described Ronnie Kimble as a
'Christian", she mentioned that he often read the Bible at work, and said he was a "nice guy", she also stated that he was somewhat "obnoxious" and often carried things two far and didn't know when to quit. Specifically she mentioned an incident in which Kimble was horsing around with some other co-workers and had taken Gomez's keys and wouldn't give them back and eventually threw her keys across the room rather than return them to her.

Gomez also said that Ronnie Kimble had told her that he had to send most of his money to his wife, that he collected cans to sell, and that he sold blood plasma every Tuesday and Thursday to earn extra money. She advised that he collected cans with another Marine, she stated that she couldn't quite recall the Marine's name, but that it had sounded kind of "Indian". When asked if the Marine's last name was Silverthorne, she said that it was. She said that the last time she had known Kimble to associate with Silverthorne was during the previous summer.

She mentioned that Ronnie Kimble's wife has lost a baby during pregnancy in September or October, she said Kimble never discussed his family with her otherwise, she was not aware that he has a brother.

She was unable to advise who Kimble spends off duty time with now. She

said that an Anthony Grillo used to be Kimble's roomate, but he and Kimble had not gotten along with each other and the Grillo had left the military in October of 1996. Gomez also advised that another Marine, Charles West, used to be Kimble's roommate.

She said that she no longer works directly with Kimble, that since he was asigned to the Protestant Chapel she sees him only infrequently.

5. Reporting Officer/Assignment:C.F. Sibert/CID





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