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Letter: Ronnie Kimble to John Hatfield


Ronnie Kimble
P.O. BOX 600
Nashville, NC 27856

June 30, 2004

RE: State v. Ronnie Lee Kimble
97 CRS 39580; 23654
98 CRS 23485; 23399

Hatfield and Hatfield
Attorneys at Law
219 W. Washington Street

Greensboro, NC 27401

Dear Mr. Hatfield:
I hope this letter finds you doing well. I'm in the process of working on my MAR. Consequently, thank you for your representation, I have a better understanding today, than I did years ago of the task that was before you. While researching my case I have discovered I am missing trial transcripts.

In order to prepare my MAR , I need the missing trial transcript pages of the jury selection voir dire examination, and most important, the in-chambers conference to develop jury instructions. I am confident the jury selection and in-chambers conference was recorded. At this moment, I believe I have some very good arguments. Briefly, Crawford v. Washington has over ruled Ohio v. Roberts. This would be in my case, substantive change in the law. Moreover, the Supreme Court is ruling on retroactivity case now. Further, the in chambers conference I was excluded; with other issues I'm working on, there may be hope.

I realize you are very busy, but will you please take the time to send me the missing transcript pages. 1 believe the in-chambers conference was held on Friday, August 28, 1998, because in volume XIII pages missing are: Tpp. 2679-2709.

Thank you for your attention and consideration. I look forward to your response.


Ronnie Kimble




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