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Letter, ADA Richard Panosh to John Hatfield, David Lloyd


State of North Carolina
General Court of Justice
Eighteenth Prosecutorial District


Horace M. Kimel, Jr.
District Attorney

P.O. Box 10769

Greensboro, NC 27404-0769

(910) 574-4313


Saturday, July 25, 1998


Mr. John B. Hatfield
Attorney at Law
Hatfield and Hatfield

219 West Washington St.

Greensboro. NC 27401


Mr. W. David Lloyd

Attorney at Law

Suite 301
101 South Elm St.

Greensboro, NC 27401


RE: Ronnie Kimble

Dear Mr. Hatfield and Mr. Llyod:

After my last conversation with Mr. Hatfield, I felt that there was some hard feelings generated by the fact that I had had a settlement discussion with Mr. Lloyd without Mr. Hatfield being present.

To avoid any further miscommunication, I will put the State's Offer in writing:

In the event that Ronnie Lee Kimble is willing to cooperate in the investigation, gives truthful information about the death of Patricia Kimble, including naming any individuals involved in the death of Patricia, and agrees to testify against those individuals, the State of North Carolina would be willing to allow him to plea guilty to Second Degree Murder, Arson and Conspiracy and consolidate these for judgment. Of course he would be expected to undergo reasonable efforts to corroborate his statements, including a polygraph, and the State will not enter into this agreement if there are indications that he not being truthful.

I am willing to cap the sentence to the presumptive. However, Mr. Lloyd felt that a cap may "telegraph" a sentence. It is my opinion that his cooperation could very well entitle him to a mitigated sentence, although I would argue against a mitigated sentence.

I would require a formal agreement outlining these terms, signed by the defendant and witnessed by the attorney(s).





Richard E. Panosh,
Assistant District Attorney



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