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Notes from David Lloyd to Jack Hatfield, what he is not covering in his closing arguments



here is what 1 have not covered in detail

complete argument that ted killed patricia himself (I will just mention it)
basic argument that ted hired somebody else to kill v (again. I will mention. it)

pardee and nichols: I just mention them in passing

church (I have not heaped loads of shit on him, though I have brought up a number of his shortcomings)

Jeff clark: church never denied the plctures as and we can certainly say that he didn't come across as a truthful witness, but church was the one who talked himfirst and that was why we put him up

woodberry: I just sort of touched on him not a whole lot.


Handwritten notes


David is not going to touch on Ronnie at Ted's wedding


Joy's Abortion


Kim & Judy & James?


1 conpiracy

2 four criminals

3 Ted did it

4 Ronnie's credibility

              wedding thing

              crying - Dad - Liberty




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