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Letter, ADA Richard Panosh to John B. Hatfield


From: R. E. Panosh To: John B. Hatfield Date: 10/22/97 Time: 13:01:38 Page 2 of 2


State of North Carolina
General Court of Justice
Eighteenth Prosecutorial District


Horace M. Kimel, Jr.
District Attorney

P.O. Box 10769

Greensboro, NC 27404-0769

(910) 574-4313


Wednesday, October 22,1997

Mr. John B. Hatfield
Attorney at Law
Hatfield and Hatfield

219 West Washington St.

Greensboro, NC 27401

Dear Mr. Hatfield:

In response to the requests that you made this morning in our brief meeting:

1. The State of North Carolina consents to your making copies of the crime scene photographs to show to your expert. Copies can be obtained through the Guilford County Sheriffs Department. this letter will serve as authorization for the Guilford County Sheriffs Department to print those copies of all photographs in 95-100-9027-01G. Unless you have a court order to the contrary, payment for the printing expense will have to he made at the time the photos are delivered to you.
2. The State of North Carolina agrees to provide all materials which tend to implicate, Bennie Hudson, Franklin Daye, or Patrick Pardee in the death of Patricia Kimble, in that these materials may be considered to be exculpatory to your client. By this agreement we do not concede that said materials exist.
3. The State of North Carolina will agree to obtain and provide you with copies of your clients medical records from the U.S. Navy (Marine Corps.) These records are not available to the State without a-- waiver of privilege from your client. Please provide our office with a waiver. In the event that you need a form, Catherine Shaw has forms available.
4. The trial date will be set in late January 1998, with the understanding that you will file an objection and request to he heard. I anticipate setting this matter for a hearing on pretrial motions on December 8, 1997.



Richard E. Panosh,
Assistant District Attorney


From: R. E. Panosh To: John B. Hatfield Date: 10/22/97 Time: 13:01:18 Page 1 of 2
To: John B. Hatfield

Time: 13:00:66
From : R. E. Panosh

Date: 10122117

Subject: Microsoft Word - Document4
Pages (including cover): 2



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