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Report:  Interview, Elizabeth Hedgecock



On this date I talked to Elizabeth Hedgecock, 7016 Hemphill Road, Julian, North Carolina (336) 685-4425. Elizabeth and Jack Hedgecock were married approximately 40 years ago. They have a 40 year old son and five girls, one of whom, Faith, is now deceased. Faith and Joy were twins, born September 14, 1974. They were pretty, athletic young girls raised in a strict Christian home and attended Vandalia School, which had a lot of activities. While Joy was at Vandalia School, she began dating Ronnie Kimble. Ronnie was around the Hedgecock house a great deal and Elizabeth says he was very affectionate toward her and Jack, calling them Mom and Pop. Gary Lyles lived next door. Elizabeth recalls Ronnie painting Lyles' house and hanging around Joy. It is true, as Joy says in the police report, that Ronnie was very possessive of Joy. They were so close that Elizabeth suspects they were probably having sex.

At some point when Joy was approximately 16 or 17 Joy told her mom that she had sex one time with Ted Kimble when she was 14. This occurred at a Christian youth camp near Asheville. Elizabeth feels that Joy told her this in order to admit she was having sex but to divert Elizabeth's attention that Joy probably was having sex with Ronnie at that time.

Jancie Stout lives in Burlington and is a nurse. It is possible that Joy told Jancie about the abortion around the time it occurred. Elizabeth admits that her strong opposition to the abortion would have made it almost impossible for her daughter to discuss the problem of being pregnant with her. Elizabeth regrets this because she says maybe if she had been more flexible toward Joy, she would have let the Hedgecock's raise the child.

Elizabeth says Ronnie and Joy were so close they were "engaged.' Joy wore a ring out but not at home. Ronnie thought he "owned" Joy.

Ronnie wore a long knife on his side, 10 to 14 inches, in a sheath. Elizabeth thought this looked ridiculous.

Faith and Joy both worked at the Mayflower Seafood Restaurant on Randleman Road and Creekridge. The manager is called "Jimmy the Greek." On several occasions he told Elizabeth that he was afraid of Ronnie because of his behavior after Joy and Ronnie broke up.

While working at the Mayflower, Faith and Joy took up with two brothers, Henry Dyer and his brother, who also worked at the Mayflower. Even while Ronnie and Joy were going together, the two twins and two brothers were very close friends.

When Joy finally broke up with Ronnie and started going with Henry Dyer, Ronnie acted very crazy, stalking and following Joy and creating a certain amount of fear and apprehension in the mind of "Jimmy the Greek" and Joy.

Joy and Henry Dyer were divorced in October, 1995. (Have Phyllis obtain copies of the complaint and judgment in that divorce). They have one child, Arizona, age four.

After Joy divorced Henry Dyer she took up with Bobby Jeter, a black male from the Bronx, New York and lived for a period of time in Greenville, North Carolina. At the present time she is living in Browns Summit with Bobby Joe Lowe, a black male. (Have Phyllis attempt to obtain a copy of the criminal records on Jeter and Lowe).

Joy's older sister, Bonnie Price, lives in Staley, (336)622-2869. Bonnie has seven children and stays home taking care of them. Joy confides in Bonnie. Joy's other sister, Donna Hedgecock, who recently moved out of the home may also have information about Joy. Joy does not want to communicate with her mom and dad and she may not want to testify in this case because of her association with black drug dealers.

Mark Anthony Graham was prosecuted for the responsibility of the automobile accident resulting in the death of Faith. The date of the accident is uncertain (have Phyllis get a computer print out on Mark Anthony Graham).

It would definitely be in our interest to put Elizabeth and Jack Hedgecock on our witness list in anticipation of subpoenaing them.




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