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July 13, 1999: Letter from Life of Georgia to Ted Kimble re-issuing the $240.25 deposit refund, check stub, and envelope





July 13, 1999


Mr. Theodore Kimble

C/O Rev. Ronnie Kimble

6318 Liberty Road

Julian, NC 27283


Re:       Application No. L1-00-03856310

Dear Mr. Kimble:

In 1995 the Company issued its check to you in the amount of $240.25 refunding a deposit made on an application which did not result in the issue of a policy. The initial check is now stale-dated. In view of this, the Company has issued the enclosed replacement check.


Sincerely yours,




Thomas M. Hendricks


Life Insurance Company of Georgia
5780 Powers Ferry Road, NW            

Atlanta, GA 30327-4390                      

Phone: 770-980-5100                       

Fax: 770-980-5800




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