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Report, John Appel (GCSD):  Interview, Paul David Hunt


Guilford County Sheriff's Department
Witness\Suspect Statement

1. Case Number/Victim:: 951009027
2. Interview With: Hunt, Paul David, II, W/M, DOB: 3/9/58, 1806 Whitman Road, Greensboro, NC, (910) 621-6212
3. Date/Time: 0945 10/10/95
4. Location: 1806 Whitman Road, GSO, NC
5. Interviewed By: Det. John Appel, Major Crimes
6. Offense: Dead Body Investigation

7. Narrative:
On 10/10/95 I went to 1806 Whitman Road and interviewed Paul David Hunt.

Hunt says that he was not involved in any activity at 2104 Brandon Station Court on 10/9/95, and had not been since the offense for which he was charged in case *950207012.

Hunt lives at this address with his mother, Lois Davis, his daughter, Amanda Poteat, and his nephew, David Styles (brother of Harold Dean Styles).

Hunt gives this account of his activities on 10/9/95:
0930-1100--Dr. Sessoms, dentist, 1021 E. Wendover Avenue, GSO/NC, 275-5905
1100-1500 or 1530--at home, mowed yard.
1500/1530--1550--picked up daughter at Northeast High School

1550--arrived back home
1550-1800—shopping at various pet supply stores--Petland, Friendly Shopping Center (receipt dated 10/9/95-1605 hours)--also at Aquamain, West Market Street (Mike waited on him)--and All About Pets, on Battleground Avenue
1800--arrived back home, ate supper, remained at the residence until my arrival this morning

During the day Hunt was in the company of his mother. After approximately 1800 hours, his mother was present at the residence, as was


Amanda Poteat and David Styles, both of whom live with Hunt. Also present luring part of the evening was Tony Ingles, a neighbor, who left around 2200 hours to go home, and Shawn, last name unknown, another neighbor, who Left to go home at approximately 2100 hours. Hunt was in the company of Family members during almost the entire day on 10/9/95, and did not leave his residence after approximately 1800 hours.



Handwritten notes


Why did Hunt B&E house

How did he find the house

How was entry made

What time of day did he enter

What did he take from house

How long was he in house

How much time did he receive

Was he concerned with homeowned guns

How did he exit house (same way he entered)

Did he operate with others or alone

Did he park his car in a prominent place * Danger!

Did he operate with others who did the same thing

What was his 'modus operandi'

Was he involved with drugs

If druggie, would he do drugs before B&E

What type of merchandise would be taken

If surprised, would he stay in house or go




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