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Kim Kimble's Notes on Mitch Whidden

Note:  This is a transcription of  a handwritten document.  The answers are penciled in after the numbered questions.





1-How long have you known Mitch?

A. while at base less than 6 mos.


2-Did he know about the reward money?

A. yes


3-Before or after our visit up there?

A. before he thinks > knew when in military


4-Did he know about the death of Trish?

A. yes


5-Before or after our visit up there?

A. before


6-Do you know if he knew absolutely anything about this case or death before our visit to Lynchburg in Jan '97?

A. yes, when he was in the military


7-Did he invite us to stay w/him and his family at his home in Lynchburg, VA. in Jan. '97?

A. Ronnie called him to see how he was doing.  He - Ronnie - told him we were going to Portsmouth for his sleep test and Mitch invited us to Lynchburg.  we wanted to check Univ because Ronnie was thinking about ministry after getting out of military.


8-Did he invite us both up there to visit him and to visit the university?

A. yes.  Ronnie told hm I was coming w/him


9-If the above question is "yes", did he call us at ur home or did you call him and how long before our visit was the phone call made?

A. Ronnie called him from the base chaplain's office on our calling card 1 week from our visit.


10-Between the time he was out of the military and went to Lynchburg did you ever talk to him?  If "yes" do you remember when? 

A. Never


11-How long did you work w/him while you both were in the military?

A. about 5 months


12-Where did you and him work while in the military?

A. Chaplains office


13-Did he ever say he got in trouble w/the law?  If yes, where? (what State)

A. Mitch never said


14-Did he tell you that he used drugs and alcohol at one time in his life?

A. Yes he used drugs and alcohol.  He told Ronnie he did behind a church in a hour, him & friends


15-Where is he orginally from? (what state)?

A. Florida


16-Do you remember his wife or children's names?

A. wife -? son-Mitch Jr daughter-?


17-How old is he?

A. Between 21-23 yrs. old


18-How long had he been in school at Liberty when we went up there?

A. started in the Fall of '96 at least that's what he told Ronnie





19-How long did he stay in the military?

A. 3 yrs. 10 mos.  he got a school-cut to leave early to go to Lynchburg


20-After military did he go directly to Liberty University?

A. yes


21-What night did you tell him about the dream, was it before or after we went out to eat?

A. Friday night


22-We did stay w/them Thurs. night and Fri. night and left early Sat. morning - right?

A. yes.


23-Is there anything else you can think of that would be of importance concerning this case?

A. Mitch told Ronnie about a dream when he (Mitch) came to base the next week about a man beating a little girl.  He woke up & prayed "God destroy man".  He thinks he did cause he looked in newspaper next day.




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