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John Hatfield:  Phone Conversation with Ronnie Kimble, Sr.



Mr. Kimble called me several times. Finally made an appointment to see me 4/24/97 at 1:30. We talked until 3:00 p.m.

Rob Nichols: Offered a chance to testify against Ted in exchange for leniency. 4/18/97 Rob said he was going to plead guilty to all larceny charges. Not interested in a deal with the prosecutors. Rob works at Lyles - Wally Harrelson advised Ron, Sr. to go ahead and fire Rob.

Rob said Joel Oakley told him not to continue to work there.

Rob did not meet Ted until one year after Patricia died.

Ron, Sr. says Ted's involvement in stolen goods is pretty deep.

Ronnie is in no way involved in larceny. Ron, Sr. is afraid of talking with Ted in the jail because phones may be tapped.

2 LIFE INSURANCE POLICIES ON PATRICIA - $25,000 EACH - possible double indemnify - available one week before

Tom Maddox 272-3217

Ron Kimble, Sr.'s version of life insurance issue:

Ted called insurance agent to have him come to talk about mortgage insurance. An agent - an older man - had the idea of life insurance. The agent knew Ted signed Patricia's name on the application. This was done to save time.

Phone conference with Tom Maddox - 4/24/97:

Ted and Patricia had a home in county - 2 mortgages plus a lien on the house for a vehicle.

Actually 3 liens.

2 - $25,000 life policies with Life of Georgia.

There was a 3rd policy for $10,000 taken out by his(?) parents.

4th policy - unissued. Maddox knows nothing about this.

Maryland Casualty - refused to pay casualty
$53,000 per property
$60,000 real property
Maryland refused to pay because Ted suspect of cause of death.

Cathy Henderson - attorney for estate of Patricia.

Maddox retained by North & Cooke to handle civil matters of insurance.

Maddox got Maryland Casualty to pay money - repair to real property - check assigned to purchaser of house.

Ted signed waiver to allow use of his $26,000 to pay balance of mortgages.

Check for remainder of proceeds sent to Maddox and he turned it over to Cathy Henderson for it to join estate - $10,000.

Ted has never filed a formal request with estates.

Wayland and Davis were entitled to $5,000 so $10,000 would be eaten up in legal fees.

Ted came across to Tom Maddox as simple, gentle, not very complex. Tom steered Ted away from substance of crime. Never discussed the case.

Maddox knows SBI man - Pendergrass - said Ronnie did it for Ted. Maddox knows nothing about the evidence.




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