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John Hatfield:  Conference with Ron & Edna Kimble



10/9/95 Monday

Patricia died before she got her scheduled life insurance physical.

Attorney Bowden - said insurance policy was not in effect.

Patricia had three $25,000 policies. One in favor of Pat's mother - one collectible - other taken out within two years of death.

Tom Maddox looked into possibility of getting both policies to pay double indemnity.

This all happened two weeks before Ted was arrested.

Tom Maddox had a check that was seized literally on the day Ted was arrested.

Ted signed Patricia's name to her application. Insurance salesman traded Ted up from mortgage insurance to life insurance.

Ron Nichols: Joel Oakley - Nichols was offered a chance to testify against Ted - Rob is 23 - 44, alcoholic, wife beater.

Patrick Pardue: Joe Williams involved - white - nice parents -killed a boy in an accident. Charged with manslaughter -involved in credit scams. Gave Rhonda Stanfield a false S.S.#. Rhonda (Ted's g.f.) heard Patrick say while on phone that he would do whatever he could to save himself. She is very nice, Christian girl 24 - 25. Just like Kim.

Nancy Young - good friend - 674-6974 - friend of Ronnie Kimble.

Jennifer Hall:

Puppy died in bathroom - never let out. Patricia never got a chance to let puppy out. Patricia was going to mow lawn. "Patricia greeted somebody." Kimbles believe house ransacked.

Autopsy - Patricia did not have Adrenalin - she was shot on (left?) side of head.

Were there powder burns on her head?

Edna says fact there was no Adrenalin means Patricia was not afraid when shot.




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