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Letter: Walter Cole (former employee Lyles Building Materials) to Ronnie Kimble Sr., explaining his absence

[Transcript of a handwritten letter]



Adult Residential

Treatment Center

529 W. Wendover Ave.

Greensboro, N.C. 27405


Mr. Kimble,


It has been my intention, or I should say, a burning desire, for me to contact you for a few days now.  However, many bad feelings, among other things, have kept me from doing so.


I trust that you, your family, as well as my former co-workers are all well and that the business is doing well.


I won't say that I'm sorry, for I don't feel it would be the proper thing to say.  I will say, however, that I regret how things have turned out, and at some point hope to make amends.


I'm sure that by now, you've come to realize that I had a problem.  I've known it for some time now, but choose to deny it or deal with it in the wrong way.  I thought that by lying, denying, slipping and sliding I could make it.  I was wrong and on the 5th of this month, it almost cost me my life.  That's what it took to get me to the point of doing some-thing about my problem.


My problem is Drugs . . . I'm an addict . . . All my money I spent using Drugs.  I was willing to work or the money because I didn't want to go back to prison . . . But thats neither here nor there.


I went on a binge the last day I saw you.  Got with some fellow addicts . . . We pooled our resources, got a large amount of "crack"


and got it on.  I made money, partied and used drugs in several of the major cities of N.C. for those few days.  The last thing I remember was early Thursday morning, the 5th . . . I had $300.00-$400.00, a great deal of crack . . . next thing I know, I've come too, I'm in H.P. Memorial Hospt. tubes coming from several openings, needles in both arms and I didn't know where I was, how I got there, nothing!!!  Still don't.  They could only tell me that I was dropped at Emergency, unconscious; that I'd been having a series of seizures and had been out 7-8 hours.  They didn't know if I was going to wake up.  I was given a choice; I could enter treatment or they were having me committed to Butner. They said I had to be trying to commit suicide if I would not seek help.  They were right.  I had gotten to the point where I didn't care to live!  I was brought here and put through a detox program . . . With that completed, I enterted the Treatment phase today.  I feel better today than I have in many years, and although I have a long way to go, I know I'm going to make it.  And I know I ca't make it on my own but I also know that I don't need Drugs to help me.  I'll be in Treatment until the 26th and then be moved to a 1/2 way house for further Treatment.


I know you're a busy man and you have your own problems.  But if at all possible, I'd like for you to come out to see me.  I intend to enclose a card.  At any rate, I intend to keep in touch

and keep you informed and I havne't forgotten my debt to the company and I intend to repay it.  There's so much I would like to say, now that the lying is over . . . and there's a lot that needs to be said.  And a lot of it is for your ears and your wife's, because of the goodness in both of you.


Please give her my deepest regards Mr. K.  And you all keep me in your prayers.  God is good . . .







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