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Letter:  John Hatfield to David Lloyd, Janet Smith charges



June 4, 1998

Mr. W. David Lloyd Attorney at Law
101 S. Elm Street
Greensboro, NC 27401

Dear David:

I hope you had a good time in California and that you made it back safely.

As you can see from the enclosed materials, I have given quite a bit of thought to the new charges against Ronnie Kimble.

Included herewith is an unfiled Motion to Continue the murder, arson and conspiracy to commit murder cases that I hope you will be willing to sign and file. I think that we need to make it clear to R. E. Panosh in no uncertain terms that we are not going to sit back and let him confuse the issue of the murder case with this absurd sexual case. The reason I want to file the motion immediately is because I want Panosh and Sheriff Barnes to see they are not going to be able to orchestrate adverse publicity about Ronnie a few weeks before the murder trial.

Obviously we will have to file a Motion in Limine in the murder case that tracks the things I set out in the Motion to Continue but if we can get a continuance, we might get a severance along with it.

Think about this very carefully. Do whatever you think is right but file the motion if you feel comfortable doing so.

Also enclosed is a Memorandum I wrote after talking to Percy Wall. I think Percy is of a mind to coordinate his defense with us and I think his client clearly told him there was no sexual intercourse or sexual act. I do not believe I put in the memo

Mr. W. David Lloyd

Page Two
June 4, 1998

that Janet believes there is an informant/snitch who may have participated in the investigation. Since Ronnie and Janet deny any sexual activity, the only way Panosh can come close to his objective is if he had someone peering through a window or standing around a corner. Perhaps we will learn about this at a later date.

I have talked to Roy Forest and Susan Moore at the Sheriff's Department. Included herewith is a copy of a letter to Susan Moore. I think this will give us some insight about the practices and procedures and may tell us that the detention officers were unjustified in their treatment of Ronnie Kimble.

Although Air France is on strike, we made other arrangements and will be in France for a week. We will back June 15 and I will talk to you then.

Very truly yours,


John B. Hatfield, Jr.







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