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Letter, ADA Richard Panosh to David Lloyd, John Hatfield, Robert McClellan, John Bryson


State of North Carolina
General Court of Justice
Eighteenth Prosecutorial District


Horace M. Kimel, Jr.
District Attorney

P.O. Box 10769

Greensboro, NC 27404-0769

(910) 574-4313


Friday, November 14, 1997


Mr. W. David Lloyd

Attorney at Law
101 South Elm St.

Greensboro, NC 27401


Mr. John B. Hatfield
Attorney at Law
Hatfield and Hatfield

219 West Washington St.

Greensboro. NC 27401


Mr. Robert McClellan
Attorney at Law
Ivey, McClellan, Gatton & Talcott, L.L.P.

P.O. Box 3324
Greensboro, NC 27402-3324


Mr. John Bryson
Attorney at Law
Wyatt Early Harris & Wheller, L.L.P.

Suite 400
1912 Eastchester Drive
High Point, NC 27265


RE: Trial Schedule, Ronnie Lee Kimble and Theodore Mead Kimble



This is to confirm that on November 6, 1997 the attorneys involved in this case met and submitted copies of scheduled vacations. After a brief discussion all the attorneys agreed that January 26, 1997 would be an appropriate date for hearing pretrial motions.

Each of the attorneys indicated their preference for trial dates. All the attorneys opposed a trial date in January, February and March of 1998. All the attorneys agreed to a trial date in April or May of 1998. After reviewing that information and the trial schedule for January through June of 1998, it was determined that there are no multi-week terms in April. There are no multi-week terms available in May or June which would not cause a conflict with a scheduled vacation, holidays or the judge's conference.

Therefore, the State of North Carolina will set these matters for trial on March 2, 1998. Beginning on that date, Judge Freeman is assigned to three consecutive weeks and assigned to hear criminal matters.

As agreed upon at the meeting, counsel may file motions in opposition to this setting and those motions will be heard on January 26, 1998. As I have indicated in my earlier correspondence, if these cases are continued past the date selected, the trial date will be sometime in after July 1, 1998. Since that time I have been made aware of an additional conflict which would push the date into mid to late August.



Richard E. Panosh,
Assistant District Attorney




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