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Report, D. L. DeBerry (GCSD):  Interview, Rose Lyles

Ted Kimble's handwritten notes included as footnotes.


Guilford County Sheriff's Department
Witness\Suspect Statement

1. Case Number/Victim:: 95 1009027
2. Interview With: Rose Lyles
3. Date/Time: 11-14-95 1235 hrs.
4. Location: 116 N.E. 26th Street Long Beach, N.C.
5. Interviewed By: Sgt. D.L. DeBerry
6. Offense: Homicide

7. Narrative: On 11-14-95 this-officer traveled to Long Beach, N.C. to interview Rose Lyles in reference to the Patricia Kimble homicide.

Mrs. Lyles stated that approximately a week prior to Patricia's death she received a telephone call around lunch and Patricia asked to speak to Gary (Gary Lyles). Gary wasn't home, so Rose and Patricia talked. Rose said she asked Patricia how she was doing and she started crying. After a crying spell Patricia said Ted isn't the man I married. Patricia further said, that she had found an Insurance Policy that had been forged.A Patricia said that she doesn't know whether she'll go to bed one night and not wake up the next morning or not. Patricia said that she was afraid due to the Lif lnsurance Policy.

Rose says that during the telephone conversation with Patricia that she has never heard such fear in a persons voice. Rose said that her husband Gary came in and she give the phone to him and Patricia told Gary about the forged policy and wanted Gary to speak to Ted.


end/1325 hrs. 11-14-95



ARose Lyles takes a lot of pain medicine and exaggerates.  At times she's as high as a kite.  How could Patricia find a policy we didn't have?




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