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Letter:  John Hatfield to Robert McClellan



May 14, 1997

Mr. Robert L. McClellan

Attorney at Law
121 S. Elm Street
Greensboro, NC 27401

Re: Ted and Ronnie Kimble

Dear Bob:

The enclosed letter arrived at my office May 9, 1997.

Paragraph 1 refers to either two women or a man and woman who picked Ronnie's face from a photo lineup prepared by Naval investigators. The appropriate time frame is 4:30 to 6:00 p.m. I do not know when the witnesses say they saw my client.

Paragraph 2 would have to be based upon either a statement made by Ted to Patrick Pardee or some other friend of Ted's, or an alleged admission made by Ronnie to one of the people he spoke to at Camp Lejeune. In either case, it would probably raise a Bruton problem.

Paragraph 3 is self explanatory. The term "fraudulent means" is interesting.

Paragraph 4 is predictable.

Paragraph 5 (5) what destructive device or bomb?

Mr. Robert L. McClellan

Page Two

May 14, 1997

Let's get together next week but not on Friday!

Very truly yours,


John B. Hatfield, Jr.

JBHj r/ph Enclosure [May 8, 1997 Letter: ADA Richard Panosh to John B. Hatfield outlining case against Ronnie Kimble]

PDF includes Enclosure



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