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Statement, Robert H. Nicholes

[Transcript of handwritten statement]




NAME:  Robert Harold Nicholes

INTERVIEWED BY:  Det. J. D. Church    DATE: 18 April 97   TIME: 1415 HRS

ADDRESS&PHONE: 5665 Hornday Road, Greensboro, 852-7278

DOB: 10-08-71   SEX: M   RACE: W   AGE: 25    HEIGHT: 511

WEIGHT: 190   EYES: Blu   HAIR: BRO   COMPLEXION: MED   POB: Waukesha Wisconsin      

PRIOR ADDRESS: 11 Calvington Ct. GSO

NEXT OF KIN: (address & phone) Candice wife

CHARGE: ____________ PRIOR CHARGES: _________________

PLACE OF EMPLOYMENT:  Lyles Building Material (Student UNCG)

OPERATORS LIC# __________________ SS# _________________

ASSOCIATES: ___________________________________________



I first met Ted Kimble around eight months ago.  I saw an ad in the Greensboro newspaper for help wanted at Lyles Building Material on Lee Street.  Ted gave me a job and was willing to let me

SIGNED:  Robert H. Nicholes  DATE: 4/18/97 TIME: 4:42

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CASE 951009027

work part time when I was able to because I was and still am a student at the University of North Carolina in Greensboro.  Ted paid me $6.50 an hour.  Approximately 3 months later Ted asked me if I wanted to make some extra money and told him yes, at 2:30 am on the phone, so I went with him to the Brassfield area of Greensboro and helped Ted load two doors that cost about $2,000.00 each.  We also took several windows and made three trips to haul the things away.  I remember it was on a Friday night and it was snowing.  Ted gave me $300.00 for helping that night.  At first I thought Ted was straight about the windows and doors but Ted kept asking me to go with him and would come to my home and get me to go with him.  Some of the times I would tell Ted I wasn’t going and Ted would say “You are going” and show me his pistol.  I was afraid of Ted and still am.  Ted told me two times if I went to the Police and told them anything that he would kill me.  Ted was very intimidating.  I can

Robert H. Nicholes 4/18/97                                                                  Page 2 of 6



 CASE 951009027

remember Ted and I going out 20 times to steal building material.  I also remember 3 to 5 additional times that Ted, Patrick Pardee and I went out together and stole building materials and also to Northern Hydraulic where we took go karts and a lawn mower.  Ted went by himself to Northern and took 2 large generators.  He hid them in bushes and I went back with him two days later and helped him load the generators.  Ted had one sold to a guy named Godry for $900.00 but when Ted left for a long weekend on the weekend of the ACC tournament he said someone took them from him.  Teds father saw the generators and asked Ted to get one for him.  I believe Teds Father knew they were stolen, he had to because Teds father helped with the books and went through the paperwork.  Teds father also saw all the 2x4’s, 2x8’s, 2x10’s and all the other building material, so he had to know Ted wasn’t buying the items.  Ted rented a forklift from Tri City on Industrial

Robert H. Nicholes 4/18/97                                                                  Page 3 of 6



CASE 951009027

Ave and hauled it to the Home Depot at Brassfield to load lumber that we were stealing.  Ted would load trailers and leave the forklift at the Home Depot and go back later to get the forklift.  Ted was not afraid he would get caught.  Ted carried a Glock pistol with him all the time and told me that if the Police caught him that he would not be taken, that he would not be afraid to use his pistol.  I am willing to show all the places Ted, Patrick and I took things from.  Ted would sell a lot of the stolen items on his business lot at Lyles Building Material.  Ted also would take doors and windows that he said would meet the specs on his blue-prints for the house he was planning to build for himself.

I had learned about Teds wife being murdered and had mentioned it to Ted on several occasions.  At one point, I wanted to learn about the death so I looked up the news articles on a computer at U.N.C.G.  Once when we were

Robert H. Nicholes 4/18/97                                                                  Page 4 of 6



CASE 951009027

rideing around looking for building material to steal I asked Ted if he had anything to do with his wifes death and he wouldn’t say anything, so I asked again and again over a few months and Ted told me “Yes I did have something to do with it and now are you happy.  I asked him how he was involved and Ted said “Ask me no questions, and I’ll tell you no lies”.  At that point I realized that Ted was involved in his wifes murder.  Ted told me he forged his wifes signature on an insurance policy.  Ted was also mad that he didn’t get any money from that policy and told me that she hadn’t taken the physical.  Ted would brag and say that if the law had anything that they would have already arrested him and that the law was to dumb to figure it out because nothing was taken, but that he had reported some jewelry had been taken but none had been taken.  Ted told me that he didn’t get along with the Blakelys and that he didn’t like them. 

Robert H. Nicholes 4/18/97                                                                  Page 5 of 6



CASE 951009027

Earlier this year Ted told me that if Det. J.D. Church didn’t quit harassing him that he was going to kill him.  He told me that Det. Church had been going around saying things about him, following him and went to his girlfriends parents and told them that their daughter was dateing a murderer.  James Ogburn, another employee told me that he thought Ted had something to do with his wifes murder.

This statement I have given today is true and I have given this statement of my own free will after being advised by my attorney to do so.  I am also willing to cooperate with the Sheriff’s Department, SBI and Greensboro Police Department in any way I can.

Mr. Kimble has told me twice that he would help me get the money to pay my attorney fees.  He also said that Patrick had given a statement to Detectives and Ted said or told Mr. Kimble and Mr. Kimble told me that if I told a different story than Patrick that the law would never get a conviction.

Robert H. Nicholes 4/18/97                                                                  Page 6 of 6






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