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Cross Examination Notes, Robert Nicholes


told us yesterday that the first several trips you took with ted to get building materials from job sites you thought were legitimate

when did you realize that you were participating in theiving from people's homes

those other trips were late at night
did they involve taking windows out of houses were you paid in the same way
was it cash
$300 for each trip

the first stealing you were involved in that involved ted or lyles building supplies was this 3 a.m. venture

had you ever sold any building materials to ted prior to that time

did you tell police abt. these transactions

did youhave receipts the construction supers

what kind of prices did you have to pay

what did ted pay
[you are aware that most professional builders have a good rapport with their suppliers such that suppliers will take back items in order to keep their business

now over the course of time that you were stealing these items that is when you and ted became very close
and as that closeness developed he finally admitted to you that he was involved in v's death
and that was after this trust and closeness developed from the course of stealing together

how long had you known ted before you got this 3 a m. call [abt. 3 mos.]
and then the stealing escalated over time
you told police that you and ted went out at least 20 times by yourselves and another 3-5 times with patrick
when was the first time patrick was involved
were patrick and ted involved in stealing building materials from homes before you were involved
so it was obvious that patrick knew you were stealing

you alos told police you were reluctant participant

that at times yiou told ted you were not going
was this bcs. you had a spanish test to study for
ted would tell you that you were going and show you his gun

and you would go because you were afraid of ted
and ted told you that if you went to the police abt. stealing building supplies he would kill you
you were so afraid of ted you even went to the trouble of hiding your car so that ted would not think you were home

in fact ted when patrick pardee was present said somehting to you abt. executing you
so that made you even more afraid
so ted had you thoroughly intimidated

now during that time you developed this curiosity abt. ted's possible involvment in his wife's death

you even went to the trouble of looking up the news articles on the library's computer to learn abt. it

andthen you started baggering ted abt. it
asking him repeatedly if he had anything to do with his wife's death
in fact you told investigators that you asked ted if he had anything to do with his wife's death and he wouldn't say anything
then you asked him again and again over the course of a few months
and finally he admitted it




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