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Statement, Robert H. Nicholes

[Transcript of handwritten statement]





NAME:  Robert Harold Nicholes

INTERVIEWED BY:  Det. J. D. Church    DATE: 12 May 97   TIME: 0950 HRS

ADDRESS&PHONE: __________________________________

DOB: ______   SEX: ___  RACE: ___  AGE: ___    HEIGHT: ___

WEIGHT: ___  EYES: ___  HAIR: ___   COMPLEXION: ___  POB: __________     

PRIOR ADDRESS: __________________________

NEXT OF KIN: (address & phone) _____________

CHARGE: ____________ PRIOR CHARGES: _________________

PLACE OF EMPLOYMENT:___________________________________________

OPERATORS LIC# __________________ SS# _________________

ASSOCIATES: ___________________________________________





There are some things that I have thought of since I had my last interview that I would like to tell you.


There was a time before Ted told me that he was

SIGNED:  Robert H. Nicholes  DATE: 5/19/97 TIME: 2:05 pm



CASE _________________


involved in his wifes murder that I was talking to him and told him that he should go to the Sheriff's Department and take a polygraph test.  Ted told me that he could not do it, and took out some papers and described them as being a polygraph test that he had already taken from one of his attornies.  Ted described and showed me the lines on the paper and said that it indicated that he was lying about involvement in his wifes death.


Ted showed me a gun silencer once at work.  He told me that he had made it himself and had go tthe parts to make it at Lowe's.


On the night Ted told me that he was involved in his wifes murder, he also told me something else.  He said that I just didn't understand.  Then he started crying and said that when he was a little boy that his Dad beat him and his mother.


I also remember Ted and Patrick Pardee a few months ago ordering some books by mail.  Ted went across the street from Lyles and bought a money order and sent sent the order off.


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CASE _________________


After the books came back I rember looking at some of them.  Ted was excited about the books and would wait for the UPS truck to come everyday so he look at them.  Some of the books names were, How big Brother Investigates You, How to Make Silencers, Money for Nothing, and he had one book in the office next to the cash register on How not to get caught.  Ted always told me I wouldn't make a good criminal because I opened my mouth too much.  I had an argument wit someone during this time a few months ago, it was mid February 1997, and Ted told me to get rid of them.  He told me how I could make a bomb and place a pylon over it and put it in this persons driveway and when this person oved the pylon the bomb would explode.  Ted told me I could do the same thing with a mail box and when it was opened the bomb would explode.


Ted and Patrick were always planning and scheming on how to rip people off.  Patrick


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CASE _________________


appeared to me to be a person that looked up to Ted.  I do know that Ted was able to manipulate me

 and get me to go along with his ideas.  Ted did threaten me and maybe thats how he was able to get over on me.  I remember one day I was at work at Lyles and Patrick pulled up and Ted told me, "Patrick is here, now we are going to execute you."  Ted would say those things to scare me and it worked.  Several times my wife and I would park or cars away from our condo so that when Ted came to get me to go with him to steal things he would think I wasn't home.  There was this time that Ted asked to use my phone and while doing so he got the code off it.  Later we were together and Ted called my wife on his mobile phone.  He told me, watch this I want you to see something.  He turned on his Police scanner and I could hear my wife talking to Ted on his phone.  Ted let me know that he know everything that was going on with me


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